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Pay just $59 for lifetime 2TB ThunderDrive cloud storage

Here’s a question for you: where do you keep your music, important photos, and documents? Please tell us that you’re not storing it in one place.

Smart people backup files to at least one other place. Really smart people keep things in a variety of spots. Google Drive and Google Photos are convenient and really helpful, but it’s not without potential problems or hiccups.

What happens when you get close to filling up your allotted storage space? Before you break  [Read More…]

For $15, this bundle helps developers better harness the Google Cloud Platform

It’s not hyperbole to say that cloud computing is among the hottest sectors in all of tech. It is used in pretty much any app, game, or service that you use. The world increasingly relies on the cloud.

Knowing how to build, grow, and maintain a cloud-based network for Google Cloud. Moreover, an understanding of components and tools such as Machine Learning, TensorFlow, and Kubernetes is incredibly valuable.

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A server configuration caused the Google Cloud outage last weekend

A change meant for a small number of servers was instead pushed out to a larger set of them.

What you need to know Google services outage occurred on Sunday, June 2. The investigation shows it was caused by mistakenly applying a configuration to the wrong servers. The fix for the error was prolonged by the network congestion caused by the outage.

Over the weekend Google had a rare outage that affected millions of users. The interruption  [Read More…]

Lock in 10TB of super-secure cloud backup for only $100 with Degoo

If you’re still relying on traditional external hard drives to backup your sensitive data, you’re missing out. Cloud backup services have come a long way since their humble inception, and it’s now possible to get enough space to safeguard your critical files in the event of a digital catastrophe.

Degoo Premium is an award-winning service that offers unparalleled speed and security, and right now a lifetime 10TB backup plan is available for over 95% off at just $  [Read More…]

PlayStation reaffirms commitment to cloud gaming and streaming

Sony’s long-term goals with its next-gen PlayStation will focus on game streaming software.

What you need to know Sony held an investor relations day. Microsoft and Sony have partnered on cloud gaming. Streaming will play an important role with PlayStation going forward.

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan spoke at the company’s most recent investor relations (IR) day and reaffirmed the importance of cloud gaming and streaming services to PlayStation going forward. The presentation specifically referenced Sony’s  [Read More…]

Train to become a cloud computer architect with this bundle

We’re living in the era of the cloud. Companies ranging from small startups to massive Fortune 500 conglomerates all rely on an increasingly powerful cloud structure in order to store and manage data, reach new clients, and innovate products, and if you want to land a career in virtually any subcategory of tech you need to understand how this technology works.

The Cloud Computing Architect Certification Bundle will teach you everything you need to know about the field’s  [Read More…]

This $40 bundle offers 700 lessons on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud

It’s not a reach to suggest that cloud computing is among the hottest sectors in all of tech. Everywhere you look you find an app, game, or service that relies on the cloud.

While you might think that Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the king of the hill right now, it’s not. Sure, they just pulled in nearly $ 8 billion last quarter, but that’s nothing compared to what Microsoft is doing with Azure. AWS grew at a 40% rate  [Read More…]

Anki’s demise serves as a reminder that the cloud isn’t always the answer

I’ve never owned a “social robot,” and if Jibo and the Anki Vector are any sign of the state of these niche gadgets, I don’t expect that to change any time soon. Both were fairly simple robots that specialized more in companionship than sheer functionality, and both came to untimely ends; less than two months after Jibo Inc. shut its doors, Anki announced that it, too, was going out of business.

While that’s sad news on its own, it  [Read More…]

How Google is beating Microsoft in the cross-platform cloud

Image credit: ICT Journal

Google’s new open-source, cross-platform hybrid cloud solution, Anthos, is positioned to take on Microsoft’s and Amazon’s lead in computing’s new frontier- the intelligent cloud.

Microsoft’s Azure Cloud solution and Amazon’s (AWS) cloud platform are the industry’s cloud leaders. Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella’s professional experience and passion for cloud computing are reflected in his unwavering commitment to pushing Microsoft’s future deeper and more broadly into the cloud.

Despite Windows phone and Microsoft enthusiasts’ complaints about  [Read More…]

This coupon code takes $60 off the 8TB WD My Cloud Home Duo

Like a NAS, but more accessible and easy to use.

The 8TB WD My Cloud Home Duo personal cloud storage is down to $ 339.99 at Newegg when you use coupon code 48SMDA16 at checkout. That code takes a huge $ 60 off its $ 400 retail price and takes it to $ 20 less than the current discount at Amazon. This is actually the best price we’ve seen on it in over 6 months.

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