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The Sam’s Club Black Friday ad reveals deals members won’t want to miss

Black Friday is less than two weeks away, which means you should be sufficiently read up on the coming sales and offers if you’re planning on shopping during the event. Most of the major retailers have already released their Black Friday ads, though there are still a few left to be seen.

One ad just now hitting the internet is for Sam’s Club, likely held back due to the store’s one-day early Black Friday sale this past weekend. Within the  [Read More…]

Join the Dodocool VIP Club to save up to 50% on some great accessories (Promoted)

A few weeks ago we detailed a new VIP club from the folks over at Koogeek. This Club made it possible to save up to 50% on an array of products.

Well, it seems that Dodocool is getting in on the fun with a VIP Club of its own. As is the case with the Koogeek option, this Club from Dodocool is also offering at least 50% off of various accessories.

Dodocool VIP Club Discounts

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Save up to 50% on different products by joining the Koogeek VIP Club (Promoted)

Almost on a daily basis, you can find some pretty good deals and savings on various products. We try to highlight these with the Saturday Savings series, but those only come on Saturday.

Koogeek is trying to help you save some money all the time with its new VIP club. This new club will provide you up to 50% off of various products.

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Join Lumsing’s Cutting-Edge Club to get any product you want absolutely free

I’ve come across one of the coolest clubs in a long time with Lumsing’s “The Cutting-Edge Club”. If you don’t want to read on you can goto www.lumsing.com/poweuser and learn more for yourself. Who is Lumsing? Lumsing is a well established brand in the mobile accessories market. There’s a chance you may have heard of them through

Opera Apps Club brings premium app subscriptions to emerging markets

Opera has launched its Apps Club worldwide, a subscription service for premium Android apps that provide developers access to more markets with “all you can download” plans. Consumers, who may have not been able to via traditional store methods due to low credit card penetration, can then take advantage of these offers. Think of it as a Netflix-style subscription service, but instead of just TV shows and films, you can unlock content in supported apps.

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Black Friday Android Deals 2015: Best Buy, Target, Sam’s Club, Staples, and more

The post Black Friday Android Deals 2015: Best Buy, Target, Sam’s Club, Staples, and more appeared first on AndroidGuys.

Motorola joins the Nexus 6 discount club, reduces price by $150 through June 23

Motorola is the latest to discount the Nexus 6, lowering the price of the 6-inch smartphone down to $ 499 through June 23.

After recent sales from Google, Best Buy, and Amazon, Motorola has now joined the party and dropped the price of the Nexus 6 by $ 150 for a limited time. With this sale, customers can grab the 32GB Nexus 6 for just $ 499, and those who want more storage can pick up  [Read More…]

EE announces new Film Club to replace Orange Wednesdays

EE today unveiled Film Club to offer new and existing customers to rent a single title from WuakiTV for just £1 each week. This new service replaces Orange Wednesdays, which closed last month.

Disney’s Club Penguin arrives on Android

Disney has released its Club Penguin app for Android. Club Penguin is a virtual membership-based world for kids, letting them play games, create characters, and find collectables. The Android release comes just in time for Club Penguin’s Merry Walrus Celebration.