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Survive the cold! How to Dance between Three Ice Sculptures in Fortnite

One of Fortnite’s Season 8, Week 9 challenges will have players hunting down various locations on the map and dancing in between them. For the first point of this challenge, players will have to find three ice sculptures on the map. Thankfully, there aren’t too many places an ice sculpture could survive on the Fortnite map, so finding it shouldn’t be that big of a challenge. Just in case, we’ve done the hard work, so all you have  [Read More…]

In-display fingerprint sensors and cold weather could mean problems

It’s all about that false positive acceptance rate.

It’s the time of year in the northern hemisphere where things can go from warm and delightful to chilly and brisk and that means it’s time to hear more about how fingerprint sensors on smartphones are having troubles. It might feel inconvenient, but there is a reason your fingerprint sensor might seem to work a little poorly in cold weather, and this is especially true of in-display fingerprint sensors.  [Read More…]

PHOOZY: Sleeve protects your phone from extreme heat, freezing cold

Earthly heat & cold are no match for this space-grade floating smartphone capsule.

Android Central Photo Contest: It’s Cold!

Share your photo in the forums and you could win a super cool prize package!

We’ve been listening to your requests, and we’re happy to announce that we’re bringing back the Android Central photo contests! We’ll be running each contest for two weeks so everyone has plenty of time to snap a great shot and get it posted in the forums for judging, so keep an eye out every second Monday for a new theme and new  [Read More…]

Beat the cold and stay connected with these five tech accessories

The great blizzard on the east coast just dropped a massive amount of snow. The sun is now shining and it’s time to dig out from under that snow. Going outside in the snow and ice is not only painful, but it’s a must with work and school tomorrow. We have selected five products that can help keep you warm, connected and safe.

Caseco Blu-Toque Dual Layered Bluetooth Knit Slouch Hat with Built-In Headset – LINK

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[Deal] Get 1TB of Zoolz Cold Online Storage for 97% off

Keeping your files backed up is extremely important nowadays. You don’t want to lose all of your favorite pictures or music if the hard drive in your computer takes a dump. While there are a plethora of cloud storage options available, you’ll probably run into the issue of cost.

Just about every cloud storage option has tiered levels that just rocket in price, the higher in storage you go. Today’s deal hopes to alleviate the questions surrounding which cloud storage  [Read More…]

Announcing the ‘AC Photo Contest: Cold’ winners!

In the first edition of our new, longer-running photo contests we came away with tons of great entries.

It took two weeks to pick winners this time around, but we’re super happy with all of the entries that came into this chilly photo contest. We received all kinds of shots that nailed the prompt, and after much deliberation we came down to the two winners that will take home prizes. Read along and see the winners.

  [Read More…]

Android Central Photo Contest: Cold

We’re back again with a new photo contest this week, and you may notice that we’ve changed the title of this post from the standard “Weekly Photo Contest” — that’s because we’re moving to photo contests that last two weeks, starting today. We’re keeping the same format and contest rules, simply running for two weeks. That gives everyone twice as long to take and submit a single photo for the contest, and also gives us a chance  [Read More…]

CounterSpy brings back Cold War action

CounterSpy is a new action-packed game that recently launched on Android. The game allows players to link back to their PlayStation systems and brings back some of the spy and espionage action from the Cold War era. The game is also currently discounted to $ 4.99 to celebrate the launch on Android.

New presence feature in Hangouts makes it clear to Gmail friends that you’re not giving them the cold shoulder

Gmail is making it easier to create or join a Hangouts with friends by grouping those who are online currently together so you know who to initiate a conversation with if you need an instant response. The change, effective today, will now show a separate tab when you log into Gmail on the browser to show those who are online so you can instantly gab, chat, or start a video conversation. Additionally, you can pin favorites  [Read More…]