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Google announces Android Excellence app collections for this fall

Back in June, Google introduced the Android Excellence program in the Play Store. Curated by Google’s editorial team, Android Experience includes a rotating collection of apps that deliver great design, an engaging user experience, and strong app performance. Well this week, Google has released the latest batch of apps which have been welcomed to the […]

Google Play Store’s new Android Excellence collections highlight top apps and games

Google is making it easier for users to identify quality apps and games in the densely populated Play Store by introducing the new Android Excellence collections. The idea behind the Android Excellence is enabling Play Store editors to highlight the best Android apps and games of the quarter via a dedicated section. The apps and […]

Instagram baits Pintrest users with new Collections feature

The other day Instagram rolled out another update meant to bring more Snapchat-like features to the table. Now it seems that the Facebook-owned company is targeting another social network to draw inspiration from – namely Pinterest. Starting this week, users won’t have to browse through their entire saving history to find that particular picture of […]

Medium’s Collections make it easier to find posts on topics that interest you

Medium has introduced Collections, an easier way for you to find coverage on specific topics. Collections are the home for topic and theme-based content, bringing together the best Medium stories on specific topics. Whether you want to keep up on the Oscars, or Samsung’s constant legal battles with Apple, you can now do so with ease.

From Medium:

Our new home experience is powered by a feature called collections. The top list of sections on our  [Read More…]

Google+ gets fully redesigned around Communities and Collections

Google yesterday announced that the Google+ experience is getting an overhaul. Effective immediately, Google+ has been given a full redesign based around Collections and Communities. In other words, this is not the social network or sharing tool launched a few years ago.


Indeed, Google+ now caters to people with like-minded interests so that they can communicate, collaborate and have discussions around their favorite topics.

“ Collections let you immerse yourself in  [Read More…]

VSCO Cam’s Collections let you share your favorite photos

VSCO Cam for Android has been updated to add Collections, a new way of showing off your favorite photos and interacting with other photographers using VSCO Cam. Collections allow you to find and publish your favorite images for your followers to see.

Collections begin arriving on Google+, lets you group your posts by topic

Google+ is getting yet another new feature, Collections, which allows you to group your posts by topic.

Collections is the latest feature to be added to Google+, allowing you to group your posts by topic instead of posting at random. Grouping posts by topic is nothing new; Pinterest has been doing it for quite some time, and this feature brings a very similar feel.

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