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Fossil’s first Snapdragon Wear 3100-based smartwatch is a colorful and sporty one

Fossil today has unveiled its first smartwatch based on the new Snapdragon Wear 3100 wearable platform. It’s called the Fossil Sport and as the name indicates, it’s a smartwatch aimed at health and activity enthusiasts.

At the same time, the Fossil Sport is perhaps the most colorful Fossil smartwatch yet. The product will be launched in two case sizes (41 and 43 mm respectively), six colorways and with 28 silicon strap options.

The Fossil Sport is based on the newly  [Read More…]

Protect your Moto G6 with this slim and colorful case for just $12

Want to spruce up your Moto G6 while also protecting it from regular wear and tear? Anccer’s got you covered.

Thanks to its glass back and slim profile, the Moto G6 is undoubtedly one of the better-looking budget phones you can buy right now. In fact, if you didn’t know any better, it’d be easy to confuse it for a phone that costs hundreds of dollars more.

However, as nice as the G6 looks, there are a  [Read More…]

Battery Bar turns checking your phone’s battery into a colorful experience (Review)

Overview: As a smartphone user, you probably check your device’s battery levels at least a few times a day. After all, you want to make sure you have enough juice to be able to play a game while you’re waiting for the subway to take you home from work, right? But what if I told […]

Kubik is a colorful, easy, and fun 3D puzzler (review)

OK, a show of hands: Who here has never heard of Tetris? Nobody? Thought so. Now, another show of hands: Who here can’t just play a single game of Tetris, but instead quickly become convinced that the turn on it will be the all-time high score. Ah, right again. We are light years beyond Tetris’s

Grab this colorful wireless charging pad for $28 today!

Wireless charging is an awesome way to charge your phone if you happen to have a compatible device. Tylt’s Vu Solo wireless charging pad is a great option for anyone that has a phone that will work on it due to its small size, and colorful options that are available. Right now you can pick one up in red, blue, green, or grey for just $ 28.

Watch Face Roundup: 5 bright, colorful watchfaces

One of the beautiful things about smartwatches is the ability to change watch faces to your heart’s content. You can have a feature-packed watch face with information from edge to edge, a clutter-free watch face with only the time displayed, or any watch face in between. Today, we’re taking a look at five colorful watch

120 HD psychedelic, colorful and bright wallpapers for your mobile devices

Happy Sunday. With today’s wallpaper collection, we have gathered 120 HD and QHD images from around the web that are downright psychedelic. They’re loud, bright, colorful and will look fantastic on your smartphones, tablets, and computers. In order to reduce the strain on our servers due to the popularity of wallpapers, we’ve moved the majority

50 rich and colorful geometric wallpapers for your mobile devices (HD and QHD resolution)

We’ve put together 50 colorful and geometric wallpapers for you to enjoy on your mobile devices. You can also use them as your desktop backgrounds. All images are QHD or HD resolution so they should look fantastic on your displays. We’ve changed things up lately and will be sharing the entire collection through Google Photos rather

Monoprice’s new USB type-C cables are fun, colorful and safe (review)

Monoprice recently announced their new Palette series of USB type-C cables. With an increasing number of devices featuring type-C ports, we thought it important to take a look at them to find out if they’re safe for your device and how they stack up against the competition. The new line of cables comes in many

Monoprice’s new Benson approved USB type-C cables are colorful, safe and cheap

Are you looking for a new USB type-C cable for your phone? Are you appalled by the prices on Amazon for seemingly substandard cables? Well, Monoprice is here to help. They’ve recently announced a brand new line of USB type-C cables that are up to spec and Benson Leung approved! The new Palette Series from