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Seven best adult coloring apps for Android to help you de-stress

Coloring used to be reserved for children, but in recent years, the endeavor has found a different demographic. What started as a niche hobby has slowly turned into an international trend, as adult coloring books are flying off the shelves all over the world.

According to experts, adult coloring can help with a number of emotional and mental issues. For many, boredom, lack of structure, and stress are the greatest triggers. But the time and concentration that adult coloring takes  [Read More…]

Android O’s notification coloring is an abomination

This idea needs a second look, Google.

Not every idea is a good idea. And some good ideas aren’t nearly as good as they sound once put into use. I’m not sure where the idea of colorizing media notifications in Android O fits into the “good” scale of ideas, but I know one thing. It’s an idea that needs to change.

In case you’re not up to snuff with what I’m talking about — even when launched  [Read More…]

Color By Disney review: premium subscription for a not-so-premium coloring app

Back in college, if I’d been caught coloring in my secret stash of Disney coloring pages, I’d have some explaining to do.

Nowadays, though, coloring books need no explanation, as they’ve seen a massive resurgence among adults who are looking for an easy way to escape daily stress and find some inner peace. But you can’t exactly carry around your 128-color case of pencils and that big book of mandalas for coloring on the train, during your  [Read More…]

Art Coloring Book for Adults offers stress relief, but bring your stylus (review)

Never thought I’d write this, but coloring books are all the rage nowadays. Particularly for adults, the allure of sitting down and quietly & simply filling in intricate drawings with a myriad of colored pencils is at an all-time high. No goal or objectives to hit, this form of informal art therapy is ringing true […]

Motorola sent me a coloring book for Christmas

Motorola’s new 2015 Moto Coloring Book is a stunning exercise in design innovation.

The quick take

The 2015 Moto Coloring Book is a bold experiment in hardware and software design, and the latest innovation from a company that has struggled to find its place in recent years. It’s also the first Motorola product that was conceived and produced under the company’s new owners in Lenovo. It offers a ground-breaking design that’s thinner and lighter than you  [Read More…]