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Samsung: Galaxy S8 won’t arrive early, Blue Coral Galaxy S7 Edge coming in November

The Galaxy Note7 debacle sparked rumors that the company might be looking to fast-track the release of the Galaxy S8 in order to fill in the void left by the premium phablet. But a report coming out of South Korea via ETNews claims Samsung has denied such a rumor explaining that given the current situation,

Daily Briefing: The Note 8 is coming

It’s Monday, October 24. Do you know where my keys are?

Over the weekend, AT&T agreed to purchase Time Warner for over $ 80 billion, making it one of the biggest telecom deals ever, and yet another example of consolidation in an industry already full of it.

This will have implications beyond the cynical view you made already have of big-wig executives rolling around in piles of money. For you, this will mean more zero-rating, as  [Read More…]

Daily Briefing: LG V20 and AXON 7 Mini preorders are coming soon, Cuba gets the Chrome Web Store

Your daily dose of Android goodness in one ready-to-serve package. It’s delicious!

Happy Monday everyone!

We’re at the tail end of phone season here in Android land, but there are still some to look out for. The LG V20 is almost ready to appear on shelves and hands, and we’ve got a smaller sibling to the well-received AXON 7 from ZTE on its way. Not to mention Google’s Pixel which is due to hit mailboxes in  [Read More…]

Daily news brief: A smarter Android, coming soon

What happened in Android on October 11? The same thing that happens every night, Pinky: It tried to take over the world.

This weekend, I celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving the only way I know how: Taking a bunch of cool gadgets up to a rented cottage north of Toronto. There, I used the Moto Insta-Share Projector to cast Blue Jays baseball (#ourmoment) and the Presidential Debate (#notgoingthere) onto a patch of blank wall from a Moto Z  [Read More…]

Google announces Android 7.1 Developer Preview, coming late October

When will Android 7.1 be available for your Nexus? Sooner than you think.

Google has announced Android 7.1, Nougat’s first maintenance release, with a developer preview coming later this month.

According to Google, this “incremental update” builds on the strengths of Android 7.0, but adds some important new features, including Daydream support, A/B system updates, an app shortcut API for the new default launcher, and the long-awaited ability to use image keyboards.

Available as a  [Read More…]

Chromecast Ultra supports 4K streaming for $69, coming in November

A better, more powerful Chromecast is coming next month.

At Google’s Pixel event in San Francisco, the company announced a new Chromecast, called Chromecast Ultra, that will debut in November for $ 69.

The main differences between the regular Chromecast, a puck that was introduced this time last year, and the Chromecast Ultra is speed and connectivity: Ultra supports 4K streaming, through a processor that is 1.8x faster than the previous version.

It also has integrated  [Read More…]

Google Home is coming November 4 for $129

Google’s answer to the Amazon Echo now has a price and launch date. The AI-powered Google Home is up for pre-order today, with retail availability kicking off from November 4 for $ 129, $ 50 less than the price of the Echo.

Google Assistant is built into Home, bringing Google’s vast Knowledge Graph into play. The assistant responds to your questions in natural language, and can look up web results, provide translations, stream music from YouTube,  [Read More…]

Daily brief: Pixel is coming, Note 7 is back, and Huawei is outta here

What happened in Android news on Monday, October 3?

In 2007, I was enthralled by a “smart” phone made by LG: the Shine KE970. Tiny by today’s standards, it was a metal slider with a 2.2-inch 240×320 pixel screen and a 2MP camera which, according to a review at the time, “takes only 2 seconds to focus on its subject.” It could connect to a WAP browser over an EDGE data network that, in 2007, was  [Read More…]

Huawei Mate 9: Next Huawei flagship coming Nov. 3

‘New flagship device’ to break cover at press conference in Munich.

Huawei’s holding a launch event in Munich, Germany on November 3 for a “new flagship device”, and that almost certainly means the Mate 9 is on its way. The latest in Huawei’s series of big-screened phones is likely to pack the very best of the company’s high-end hardware, along with the anticipated EMUI 5 interface, based on [Android 7.0 Nougat[(/./nougat).

Recent leaks out of China  [Read More…]

OnePlus 3 ‘exclusively’ coming to O2 in the UK

OnePlus’s first UK carrier partnership kicks off sales from September 29.

OnePlus is best known for direct-to-consumer sales at low prices, but in the past year it’s started teaming up with select carriers, like Finland’s Elisa, with strong sales resulting. And now the company has partnered with O2 in the UK to get its latest handset, the OnePlus 3, onto store shelves. Sales kick off from September 29, with prices starting at £28 per month on  [Read More…]