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Instagram’s Android app gets ‘add a comment’ button in main feed

Now you can tell your aunt how cute her cat is even faster.

Instagram’s added a heap of new features to its app throughout the year (both big and small), and the latest addition to it aims to make commenting on photos/videos easier than ever.

As part of a server-side update that’s rolling out to the Instagram app now, Android users will start to see a new “add a comment” button below posts that enables you to  [Read More…]

Express yourself in this weekend’s comment thread!

Kick back and chat during your weekend downtime.

We’re all busy getting ready for Android O and IFA and V30s and Note 8s and everything else, but it’s still important to remember to take a break once in a while. That’s especially true if you spend the majority of the week behind a desk in a cubicle or office. Take your weekend time, whether it be the normal Saturday and Sunday weekend or other days because work is a  [Read More…]

Your weekly drama-free comment thread is right here

Here is where you kick back, relax and chat with friends.

As usual, we have had another week filled with politically-charged rhetoric, arguments, and disappointment. Pretty much the status quo as of late.

But we can take a break from the madness that infects all of social media and everywhere else and just chill out while we talk about everything else. Just like this guy.

Motorola is a great starting point for a discussion. We saw the  [Read More…]

Do your thing in this weekend’s comment thread!

The comments are yours to use as you will. Almost.

It’s the best day of the week of all the days of the week once again. Saturday is the first day of the weekend that’s not the last day. Time to relax, at least a little bit. And if you’re working through the weekend, hopefully your days off are just as great as a Saturday.

Use this down time to get ready for the Galaxy Note 8. That’s what  [Read More…]

Sit back and forget about Russia in this weekend’s comment thread!

Let’s take a break from the drama.

Even tech websites can’t escape the trap that is politics. We know every time we write an article about something tech-related and political, the proverbial stuff will hit the fan. Especially any opinion pieces. That’s not going to change how we fell about telling you important things you need to know, but it’s usually just not fun. That’s why it’s called work, I guess.

Anyhoo, resist the temptation to go off the  [Read More…]

Get your groove on in this week’s comment thread!

Sit back, relax and chat about stuff because it’s the weekend!

Hey hey! Another week is done and we’re all closer to _________ (fill in the blank there with retirement, graduation, or whatever). Hopefully, you had a good one.

We did because we get to live through yet another OnePlus launch and the internet fun-times that always go with them. It seems like a great phone. A great phone that may be too expensive, or cheat at benchmarks, or  [Read More…]

Talk it up in this week’s comment thread!

We. Are. Tired.

Google I/O is one of the coolest things and most fun places we’ll visit this year — but we’re tired. While we’re resting our minds and bodies, we can think about the things we saw and people we talked to in Mountain View and all the things we’ll have to say as they move from the “demo” to the real.

And there is a lot to think about this year. It’s easy when Google shows us  [Read More…]

Google+ update adds new comment moderation, brings back events

Hey, Google+ is still a thing!

The pace of updates to Google+ has dwindled over the last year, but in a reminder that the platform is very much still alive Google has rolled out three solid updates. The changes, which will come via app and web updates in the next couple of weeks, center around handling comments, seeing more in your feed and bringing back events to the community.

  [Read More…]

Periscope combats trolls with new comment moderation tool

Live streaming app Periscope is looking to take on internet trolls by placing moderation in the hands of the community. The team behind the Twitter-backed app unveiled new comment moderation tools that make it easier for those watching a stream to crack down on unwanted or abusive comments.

The system works by allowing viewers to report comments, at which point a group of viewers will be randomly selected to vote on whether the comment  [Read More…]

Win 3 official Samsung cases for the Galaxy S7 edge with a simple comment

The writers here at AndroidGuys wanted to say thank you for reading and following our site. We’ve all chipped in and purchased three official cases for the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge so we can give them away to one lucky reader. All three of these cases were reviewed by me, and to be clear, none