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OnePlus commits to future software updates and possible carrier support

The OnePlus 6 has been available for a little while now, and is still super popular. The handset became the fastest-selling OnePlus device ever, and the train hasn’t stopped yet.

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However, OP has some tricks up its sleeve to help keep the customers coming back. The first of which comes in the software update department, while the other could mean carrier support for a future  [Read More…]

ASUS commits to Android O, less bloat for the Zenfone 3 and 4 series

ASUS has promised Android 8.0 for its 2016 and 2017 phones.

There’s no nice way to say this, ASUS has a history bloated software and taking too much time with updates. I imported and owned the monstrous (and glorious) Zenfone 3 Ultra and my only real complaints with the device were the amount of pre-installed garbage and how slowly it got the Nougat update. It took me a full hour when I was setting up the device to turn  [Read More…]

Wileyfox commits to bringing Nougat to its entire portfolio of phones

Wileyfox will deliver platform and security updates to its entire portfolio.

Cyanogen’s announcement that it was shutting down its services and OS caught everyone by surprise, particularly those that partnered with the company to offer Cyanogen OS on their phones. British startup Wileyfox has five phones that run the now-defunct OS — Swift 2, Swift 2 Plus, Spark, Spark+, and Spark X — and the company has announced that it will bring the Nougat update to all  [Read More…]

Republic Wireless commits to support for Google Pixel

Republic Wireless, not one to waste time, today announced support for the brand new Google Pixel smartphone. The service provider was quick on the draw, confirming the unlocked versions of the Pixel would work with its network. Republic Wireless is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) with service that defaults to Wi-Fi for connection, falling back to

Moto X Force coming soon to India as Lenovo commits to local manufacturing

Lenovo is the latest manufacturer to signify its interest in making devices locally in India. Dubbed “Make in India,” the initiative is heralded by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to facilitate foreign brands to locally manufacture electronics. The manufacturer has also announced that the Moto X Force, the international variant of the Droid Turbo 2, will be announced in the country shortly.

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Motorola commits to Marshmallow updates for select phones, will retire Moto Assist and Migrate

Motorola has posted an update which describes the company’s plan of attack for the upcoming Marshmallow update. While providing a list of smartphones which it plans to provide the update for, Motorola has also announced that it will be retiring some of its own apps. First, the list of phones that the company is looking to update include:

2015 Moto X Pure Edition (3rd gen) 2015 Moto X Style (3rd gen) 2015 Moto X Play 2015 Moto  [Read More…]

Google acquires Jibe Mobile as it commits to Rich Communications Services standard

Google has announced that the company has acquired Jibe Mobile, an early leader in Rich Communications Services (RCS) in an effort to bring the standard to a global audience. With RCS, you will be able to take advantage of features that are often times found in modern messaging apps, like WhatsApp and others. Some of these features include group chats, high resolution photos, read indicators and more.

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Google commits to monthly security updates for Nexus devices

Security.  We all worry about it, and we all leave our security in the hands of Google when we use Android devices.  Our smartphones are continually gathering more information about us, from passwords to pictures and geotagging, to financial information such as credit card numbers and bank account numbers.

Security is absolutely crucial, and Google released an announcement today to make security a monthly update to Nexus devices after feeling the pressure from vulnerabilities in regards to libStageFright where malicious code could take  [Read More…]

Samsung commits to loading Microsoft apps on future devices


Samsung says it plans to install a number of Microsoft apps on its upcoming smartphones and tablets. Starting with the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung’s lineup will come loaded with OneDrive, OneNote, and Skype. Both smartphones come with 100GB free cloud storage for two years through Microsoft OneDrive, allowing extra storage space for media.  Looking ahead, Samsung will pre-install  [Read More…]

HTC commits to Android L for One series

This year Google I/O was probably the best so far, and also a lot happened this year. Google introduced their latest version of Android, known as the Android L. The new OS is coming this fall, and HTC is making sure that their customers are not having second thoughts about it. They said on their official blog that:

We are committed to updating our flagship HTC One family as fast as possible and will begin rolling out  [Read More…]