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FreedomPop is launching UNREAL Mobile to compete with T-Mobile and Sprint

Unlimited plans will start out at just $ 15/month.

T-Mobile and Sprint made headlines in late April after announcing that the new companies were merging together as “The New T-Mobile”, and as a direct response to that, U.S. MVNO FreedomPop is launching a new company called UNREAL Mobile.

Where FreedomPop is meant to compete with the likes of Cricket Wireless, Boost Mobile, and other pre-paid MVNOs, UNREAL Mobile will be marketed as a proper alternative to post-paid  [Read More…]

Android Messages is Google’s best chance to compete with iMessage

After years of trial and error, all the pieces are in place for Android Messages to be a legitimate alternative to iMessage.

To say that Google’s had trouble creating and maintaining a messaging service to truly compete with iMessage would be the understatement of the century. We’ve seen countless attempts in the form of Hangouts, Allo, Duo, Android Messages, and others trying to offer the same experience that attracts and holds so many people within Apple’s ecosystem.  [Read More…]

Fitbit Ionic is the smartwatch that will compete with Android Wear

The newly announced Fitbit Ionic is the company’s official foray into the smartwatch game!

Fitbit has been making fitness trackers for ten years, and some of its more recent models, like the Surge, Blaze and Charge 2, have dipped their toes into being smartwatch/fitness tracker hybrids. Now, Fitbit has officially announced the release of the Fitbit Ionic the company’s first fully-fledged smartwatch with its very own operating system, Fitbit OS.

What’s new about Fitbit Ionic

  [Read More…]

Xiaomi Mi 6 photo samples prove it can compete with the best cameras today

The dual-camera configuration in the Mi 6 is a step up from previous generations.

The Xiaomi Mi 6 is going to be a noteworthy phone in Asian markets. Imaging prowess is an area that Xiaomi’s rivals have banked on for several generations — OPPO brands its phones as Selfie Experts and Vivo calls its devices Camera Phones — and with the Mi 6, Xiaomi is catching up.

The Mi 6 has a dual camera setup that’s similar  [Read More…]

Can Huawei’s 2017 flagships compete against the Galaxy S8 in the UK?

Huawei isn’t targeting the same super-high price tier as Samsung with its new flagships. Nevertheless, the P10 series has a formidable high street presence.

If you’re used to the Apple/Samsung duopoly as it exists in the U.S. right now — sure, with a bit of LG and Motorola thrown in — then it might be a surprise to learn that Huawei is a major force in the UK market. The Chinese manufacturer has slowly but surely been  [Read More…]

Canada’s Freedom Mobile is finally getting the phones and coverage it needs to compete

Something good is happening at Freedom Mobile.

Back when Freedom Mobile was called Wind Mobile, it was seen by the Big Three Canadian carriers as a pest that wouldn’t go away. Now that Shaw Communications owns the company, and is growing its LTE network in major cities around the country, it’s becoming a much bigger force to be reckoned with.

Much of that comes from the growth of its LTE network, which is expanding in all directions  [Read More…]

Samsung Hello might soon compete with Google Home, Amazon Echo

It’s expected that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will arrive with a virtual assistant named Bixby. You know who else has a flagship that takes advantage of an AI-driven helper? Google. The Pixel and Pixel XL ship out with the Google Assistant onboard, but the AI companion also lives in the Google’s connected speaker, the Home. […]

Three things Google needs to do to truly compete with Alexa inside the home

Amazon Echo is a voice controlled speaker that features the personal assistant called Alexa, who will perform various tasks on your behalf. Launched a few years back, the device proved to be extremely popular with consumers, so it’s no wonder we’ve starting to see alternatives appear on the market. At CES 2017, Lenovo unveiled an

KPhone K5 review: can this mid-range iPhone clone compete in the US?

If you’ve been following the Android space for some time, then you’ve likely sees the growing trend of unlocked smartphones. Whereas just a few years ago customers were content to fork out a couple hundred dollars and ink a two-year contract, today’s buyers are more reluctant to sign a long-term commitment. Moreover, we’re finding that

HTC Vive reviews are in, and create a fantastic place to compete

Vive day has arrived, and it looks like HTC and Valve have released something fantastic.

News that HTC and Valve would be working together to release a competing VR headset to the Oculus Rift came as a surprise. Despite the constant stream of rumors that Valve was working on VR behind closed doors, HTC seemed like an unlikely partner for this sort of project. Over the last year we’ve seen the HTC Vive go from damned  [Read More…]