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The BlackBerry KEY2 is in a market with no competitors — but is that enough to make it sell?

It’s the only modern smartphone with a hardware keyboard, but I’m not sure that’s enough.

I’ve been using my BlackBerry KEY2 for about a week and a half now, and I haven’t been doing so begrudgingly or out of any sort of obligation — I’ve continued to carry it by choice. I’m not here to talk about my personal takes on the KEY2 as a device — that’ll come later in a specific review, and Daniel wrote  [Read More…]

Deezer prepares to battle competitors by adding podcasts and radio shows

Deezer is adding podcasts to its streaming solution, bolstering features available to subscribers by offering not only on-demand music, but also programs for download.

EFF releases ‘secure messaging scorecard,’ ranks Hangouts against competitors

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has issued security rankings for several popular communication platforms, including Apple’s iMessage Google’s Hangouts and Skype from Microsoft. Both iMessage and Apple’s FaceTime were named as the best mass market options for secure messaging according to the EFF’s criteria. These categories include message encryption in transit, independent code review, and proper documentation of security.

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Sprint offers its own smartphone trade-in program that will ‘meet or beat’ competitors

Sprint has fired back at T-Mobile with its own smartphone buyback program, claiming that “it will meet or beat all competitors’ pricing to ensure the best trade-in values.” That includes instant store credit and up to $ 300 towards a new phone purchase or account credit.

Google faces Senate hearings that it stiffles Yelp! and other competitors. [Watch live on C-Span]

In the U.S. Senate hearings set to investigate claims that Google is anti-competitive, Yelp will accuse the search giant of stealing its content and punishing the review site for complaining about the practice.

CEO Jeremy Stoppelman has already released his prepared testimony that he will use to address Congress, as well as a collection of slides that show what he alleges is Google’s anti-competitive  [Read More…]