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The Inspiron 22 all-in-one computer has dropped to $600 for Black Friday

Dell’s Inspiron 22 3000 touch display all-in-one computer is down to $ 599.99 through the Dell website. That’s $ 200 off what it regularly sells for. The sale is part of Dell’s ongoing Black Friday deals, which include big savings on laptops, monitors, and other Dell products. If an all-in-one isn’t what you’re looking for, check out the full list of deals because there are tons of savings to be had.

If you want the sort of computer that  [Read More…]

The best USB stick for your Kano Computer

USB sticks are incredibly useful. Sure, they can save files, but they have many more features that we give them credit for. They can be used to run portable apps, meaning no matter where you are, you’ll be able to access things on the go. They can be used like RAM to speed up your computer, and they can even work as a way to unlock your computer through a biometric scanner. So, which USB sticks will be perfect for  [Read More…]

VoCore2 Mini pint-sized Linux computer and router fits in palm of your hand

If there’s one constant that we’ve seen over the last decade or more of tech, it’s that people love Linux. Techies, nerds, and tinkerers love the open-source operating system and all of the cool things that come with it.

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Whether its Android on your phone, a version of Linux on a Raspberry Pi, or something else, chances are good that you’re using it somewhere. It’s a lot of  [Read More…]

Do you use Samsung Flow with your Windows computer?

A match made in heaven for Samsung and Windows users.

Samsung’s lineup of various products and services can be difficult to keep up with. There’s a seemingly endless number of phones, apps, and more, and one that might have flown under the radar for some people is Samsung Flow.

Samsung Flow is a platform that allows your Samsung Android phone and Windows computer to work seamlessly with one another for some pretty helpful use cases. With Samsung  [Read More…]

How to connect Oculus Quest to your computer

The Oculus Quest has substantial potential for many VR experiences. Most of these can be experienced directly from the headset, no wires or systems needed save for the Oculus app to set it up. However, to experience everything the Quest has to offer, you should consider connecting it to your PC to transfer files back and forth, and access other areas of the Quest’s internals. Below, we walk you through the process.

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Train to become a cloud computer architect with this bundle

We’re living in the era of the cloud. Companies ranging from small startups to massive Fortune 500 conglomerates all rely on an increasingly powerful cloud structure in order to store and manage data, reach new clients, and innovate products, and if you want to land a career in virtually any subcategory of tech you need to understand how this technology works.

The Cloud Computing Architect Certification Bundle will teach you everything you need to know about the field’s  [Read More…]

This AmazonBasics sale on computer accessories will save you 20% or more

Never hurts to have a few inexpensive peripherals around.

Take 20% off AmazonBasics mice, cables, and other computer accessories during this sale and stock up on whatever you need.

All the Goodies AmazonBasics computer and wireless accessories

Whether you need some charging cables, a portable wireless mouse, or something else, this sale has you covered.

Various Prices 20% off

See at Amazon

One of the items on sale includes a single monitor modular arm mount down  [Read More…]

Upgrade your computer with the Samsung 860 EVO 1TB SSD on sale for $133

Speed and Space at a discounted price.

The Samsung 860 EVO 1TB solid state drive is down to $ 132.99 with code EMCXTWVE2 at Newegg. If the code doesn’t work for you right away, sign up for Newegg’s newsletter. It takes 24 hours to process, but this is a 3-day sale so that shouldn’t be problem. This is one of the lowest prices we’ve seen recently and beats Amazon by $ 15.

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Step up your game with Alienware’s 1080p computer monitor on sale for $276

A great screen at this price.

The Alienware AW2518HF 24.5-inch 240 Hz LED FreeSync monitor is down to $ 275.97 with code SAVE17 at Dell. This is the best price we’ve seen in a while, including deals earlier this year at Best Buy when it only dropped as low as $ 280. The monitor is $ 332.49 without the code, and that’s also the price you’ll find on Amazon. It’s actually going as high as $ 500  [Read More…]

You can now use Google Duo on your computer

There’s nothing to install and no setup is required.

Nearly three years after it was first launched in May 2016, you can now use Google Duo, Google’s popular video chat app, on your computer.

To use Duo on your laptop or desktop, simply go to duo.google.com. If you’re already logged into your web browser with your Google account, there’s no setup of any kind required.

You’ll instantly see your Google Contacts list, can search by their name  [Read More…]