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Vysor is an interesting new way to control Android from your computer

There are a couple of ways to remotely view and control your Android from a desktop, but none of them are particularly easy to use. Some require root access, some require subscriptions, and some aren’t really worth using due to low framerates and overall quality. The mind behind Rom Manager, Voice Plus, AllCast, and other popular Android apps has been working on a better way to remote control multiple Android phones and tablets for a while now,  [Read More…]

Pushbullet brings full SMS experience to your computer

Pushbullet, the popular app which allows easy communication between your phone an computer, has brought a full SMS experience to the desktop. Previously, users could access single messages and send replies, but now they can view all the conversations from their phone. With this, you can now easily have full conversations with multiple contacts from your computer, and pick up right where you left off on your phone when you leave.

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Google Chromebit packs an entire Chrome OS computer into an HDMI stick

If you’ve been looking for the easiest way to get Chrome OS onto your TV, Google’s new Chromebit HDMI stick might be exactly what you need.

Google has a new type of Chrome OS device, one that’s designed to make it easier and more discrete than ever to hook up a TV. It’s called Chromebit, and it’s a complete Chrome OS computer in an HDMI stick about the size of a candybar.

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How to transfer files between your Nexus 6 and computer

Transferring files is easy for most of us

Most of us reading here have a computer of some sort. Maybe it’s at home and you use it to play games or to surf the Internet, or maybe it’s at work and you do things that aren’t nearly as fun as playing games and surfing the Internet. But if you do have a computer, chances are you’ll want to copy some files between it and your Nexus  [Read More…]

Pushbullet updated to send SMS messages from your computer

pushbullet sms update

Pushbullet has a lot of great functionality that allows you to view and reply to notifications from your computer without touching your phone. Up until now, you could only reply to SMS messages sent to you through Pushbullet. With an update yesterday, this has changed.

Now you can start SMS messages from your computer with Pushbullet

With this update, you can now start a SMS  [Read More…]

Pushbullet now lets you answer text messages on your computer

The latest update to Pushbullet has recently been updated so SMS notifications that are mirrored on your desktop can actually let you reply to the message. Just click in the notification, type on your luxuriously huge desktop keyboard, hit enter, and away it goes. This feature was enabled for a few select partner apps before, but now it should work across the board. Another recent update allowed for a shared clipboard, so you could copy text  [Read More…]

‘BadUSB’ malware highlights the danger of plugging random mystery drives into your computer

Another day, another apocalyptic prognostication of computer security doom, this time focusing on the omnipresent USB connection. It’s called ‘BadUSB’, and it’s a malware proof-of-concept created by security researchers Karsten Nohl and Jakob Lell that exploits a flaw in and resides in the firmware that controls the basic function of USB devices. The researchers claim that it’s not a problem that can be patched, saying that they’re “exploiting the very way that USB is designed,” but  [Read More…]

Chrome Remote Desktop app exits beta, controls your computer on any ICS and above device

Just a couple of weeks after a full-fledged Chrome Remote Desktop app entered closed beta testing it has been opened up for all to use through the Play Store. The completely free app will let your Android device — assuming it’s running Android 4.0 or above — connect to and control any computer you have the Chrome Remote Desktop software installed on.

The client is simple, but mimics closely what you find doing computer-to-computer remote access  [Read More…]

Rogers One Number: Using Your Wireless Capabilities On Your Computer?

Rogers One Number: Using Your Wireless Capabilities On Your Computer?

What would you think if your carrier offered full integration of your mobile account on your computer? Giving you all of your phone capabilities from your desktop or laptop, and made it all free?

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Dual-core Android computer fits in your pocket, turns any screen into an Android device


Last month at AsiaD, Andy Rubin mentioned that he wanted to see Android on every screen. This might very well be possible soon, even with screens that were not designed to run Android. FXI Technologies has recently showed off a little gadget code-named the “Cotton Candy,” (weighs the same as a cotton candy bag – 28 grams) which can run Android on any screen.

This little device is the size of  [Read More…]