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For as little as $3.29 a month you can use NordVPN to secure your browser’s connection

Our friends at Thrifter are back again, this time with a VPN deal you won’t want to pass up!

Have you ever stopped to think about how much of your day you spend connecting to networks that aren’t your own? Whether you’re working at a Starbucks, trying to finish something up at the airport before your flight, or sitting in the public library, odds are you’re connected to a network that isn’t the most secure without  [Read More…]

Google Android app new feat will help you search even on a spotty connection

It happened to all of us at some point – trying to Google something but unable to retrieve the results due to a spotty connection or no Wi-Fi at all. It’s very annoying right? Today the search giant has announced an update for the Google app which to help users overcome that frustration. Starting this

Digital Offers: Secure your internet connection for $79

How secure is your internet connection? When you’re travelling or using a public network, can you guarantee that your private information will be safe from hackers and other sketchy types? Most of us jump onto public networks and never stop to think about the access we might be granting to total strangers. That includes not only your passwords, but your messages and photos, too. Add to that the fact that, depending on where you’re travelling, public networks may not even  [Read More…]

Secure your connection simply with Supernet VPN (Review)

Online privacy is becoming more of a priority for people every day, and they are constantly searching for ways to secure their online information. Some of these people are searching for a security solution with tons of options to tweak their experience to the fullest, but others are looking for a simple and easy to use way to keep themselves private online.

Supernet VPN from the developers at Supernet is attempting to appeal to the latter group by creating an  [Read More…]

Slow data connection? Chrome has your back

A slow data connection still plagues us from time to time. Sometimes it seems like in those instances we critically need information, that’s when we happen to be in a weak signal area – leaving us to waste our precious time sitting and waiting.

Well, Google found a way to alleviate those frustrating situations. Images on webpages are often the culprit in the bulk data retrieval that occurs when loading a page, whether we want to see them or not. Therefore, Google is adding an option  [Read More…]

Inside Marshmallow: USB connection options

You have an extra step when you want to transfer files to and from a computer using a USB cable in Android Marshmallow.

When you plug your Marshmallow-powered phone into a computer — Windows, Mac or Linux makes no difference — you’ll have to tell the operating system what you want to do.

By default, your phone (or tablet) will be in USB charging only mode. This means no data is going back and forth between your  [Read More…]

Samsung SideSync 4.0 improves connection speed, adds Mac support

Samsung has announced a new version of SideSync, its solution for sharing screens, windows, and data between PCs and Samsung smartphones. The latest version, debuting alongside the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+, adds support for Apple’s OS X.

Hangouts phone calls to pick up faster connection speeds on desktop

Making calls in Google Hangouts from the desktop is about to get faster thanks to an updates that will improve connection speed from Gmail and Inbox.

3 years of private connection with Anonymizer VPN, $55

There are plenty of reasons for one to want to keep their internet connection private. It’s possible that you have a dose of distrust for your government and want to ensure your sense of privacy while online. Maybe you’ve made enemies or inadvertently endeared yourself to some over-infatuated stalker and want to safeguard your activities. Perhaps you travel frequently for business and spend a significant amount of time connected to unsecured public Wi-Fi and want to immunize yourself  [Read More…]

Moto 360 update keeps a better connection with your phone

Motorola is rolling out a new software update for the Moto 360 smartwatch that brings a number of bug fixes and improvements including a more Bluetooth connection with your smartphone and alerting you that the watch is charging with better charging indicators. The update takes the firmware to version KGW42R.