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Google+ is shutting down for consumers in August 2019

Google’s also putting its foot down on Gmail APIs and access to call/text data.

Google+ has long been the butt of many jokes as a failed social network that refuses to die, but according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal and then an official response from Google itself, it looks like it’s been home to a serious security vulnerability for three years that Google chose to not disclose to the public.

Per WSJ, a  [Read More…]

The T-Mobile / Sprint merger could be great for consumers, but it probably won’t be

Enjoy it while it lasts.

Corporate mergers promise many upsides to shareholders and customers — that’s why consolidation happens. Those efficiencies include streamlined operations, the need for fewer employees, infrastructure improvements, better customer service, job creation, and, in some cases, lower costs for consumers.

In reality, though, it’s nearly impossible to check all of those boxes at once: lower prices may stem from internal efficiencies, but they often come with job losses or a reining in of  [Read More…]

Consumers favor software updates over buying new phones, report suggests

Is the new annual flagship smartphone worth your hard-earned money, or is your older phone worth a second look? According to a new report coming out of the New York Post, it seems customers these days prefer getting a software update packed with new features, rather than invest towards a new phone. The rising trend […]

Sony closes down its European online store, redirects consumers to partners

Sony has closed its online store in Europe. Should you wish to purchase a product from the company in the region, you’ll need to choose one of Sony’s partners. The main European website for Sony now acts as a gateway for consumers to read up more on its catalogue, while offloading sales to partnered stores.

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Blu launches new Life series of devices direct to consumers

Today Blu Products let the cat out of the bag on their new Life series phones, the Life One and Life 8 XL.  Blu has been making a name for themselves over the past few years with low-cost, bang-for-your-buck offerings.  They’re getting aggressive with this launch, having partnered with Amazon for an exclusive 9 day pre-sale.

Blu Life One (2015)


The retail price of the new Blu Life One will be $  [Read More…]

Alcatel begins selling products direct to U.S. consumers


Great news for those customers wanting to get their hands on the new Alcatel OneTouch range since Alcatel have begun shipping directly to the US.

The new smartwatch due out in March, as well as unlocked smartphones and tablets, all GSM ready, are being sold directly to US consumers, including the Idol X+ ($ 275), Idol S 2 ($ 198), Pop 7 ($ 149) , and  [Read More…]

Alcatel is now selling directly to U.S. consumers, will expand European sales in 2015

Alcatel has announced today that it is launching its own e-commerce channel to sell unlocked phones and tablets directly to consumers, breaking away from its traditional model of selling via carriers. The new store expansion to the U.S. follows a launch in Europe in November of 2014, and an expansion to Canada will be coming at some point in Q1 2015.

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Google to refund consumers $19M in unauthorized in-app purchases


You may recall quite some time ago when Google got in some trouble for violating a pretty hefty FTC complaint. The Federal Trade Commission launched a prohibition on unfair commercial practices by billing consumers for charges by children in kids’ apps. This was way back in 2011, and we’re finally getting to see the outcome of their mistake.

We all know what happens in children’s  [Read More…]

Blackphone is now shipping to security-conscious consumers

Blackphone is a sturdy smartphone focusing on nothing more than user privacy and security. The Android mobile device focuses on rigorous security and is now shipping to the first wave of purchasers. For those who aren’t familiar with the device itself, it’s a result of a partnership between Spanish manufacturer Geeksphone and security company Silent Circle. Using a “security-orientated” Android build called PrivatOS, consumers who opt for the Blackphone are able to enjoy a more secure  [Read More…]

LG and Google bringing Project Tango to consumers in 2015

Google I/O brings together all the best – and craziest – that Google has to offer, including this year an interesting session from the ATAP team. They would be the “pirates” messing around with the awesome looking stuff like Project Ara and Project Tango and in their session at I/O they had some interesting news for anyone wondering when they’ll get some Tango in consumer products. 2015.

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