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Swappa continues expansion with addition of full gaming section

Users can now buy and sell video games, consoles, and accessories next to phones, tablets, and wearables.

T-Mobile promises a stronger LTE network as it continues to trounce rivals in net additions

T-Mobile impressed by beating estimates in Q2, which is usually its weakest quarter.

T-Mobile has no chill. Even as it continues to outpace the rest of the industry in almost every metric, from net user additions to year-over-year revenue growth, it can’t help but take shots at its biggest competitors, Verizon and AT&T.

After claiming, based on independent speeds tests, that Verizon fell to third place in national rankings for LTE download speeds, T-Mobile CEO John Legere  [Read More…]

Fossil continues trying to sell smartwatches to the mainstream with new product lineup

Fossil’s new hybrid and touchscreen smartwatches combine stylish design with the powerful features of Android Wear 2.0.

Fossil was one of the first watchmakers to get in on the smartwatch game, releasing its first attempt, the Fossil Q Founder back in 2015. More recently, its second-generation smartwatches were upgraded to Android Wear 2.0, giving them most of the same functionality as the new LG Watch Sport — excluding the hardware limitations.

This week, at the Baselworld watch and jewellery  [Read More…]

Instagram continues to morph itself into more than just another social network

You’re already posting pictures to Instagram and using it to exclusively chat with your pals. You’ll soon be able to book your next appointment through it, too.

Ahh, Instagram. It’s become one of those bonafide social networks that’s really more than it advertises to be. Instagram isn’t just a reel of photos your friends are posting from their days out in the sun. It’s where you can keep long running group chats  [Read More…]

LeEco’s forced to sell Silicone Valley property, as business collapse continues

LeEco is a company with a wide vision and a passion for a lot of tech niches. Back in November we told you that LeEco was going through some dark times, as it realized its ambitious plans left it without sustainable cash flow. LeEco’s CEO even sent out a letter to employees in which he […]

LeEco continues to expand beyond LeMall with new national retail partnerships

You will soon be seeing more LeEco products at a retailer near you!

When LeEco landed in the U.S. last year, the Chinese technology company attempted to sell directly to American consumers by launching its LeMall e-commerce store, kicking things off with a with a flurry of flash sales to try and build a customer base quickly. It was… less than successful.

In 2017, LeEco began to pivot, selling its wares through more traditional retail outlets. First,  [Read More…]

GoEuro continues growth with additional onsite booking partners

GoEuro, in case you are unaware, is a travel service that allows you to book travel for bus, plane, or train all on a single, convenient website (or app for us mobile users). It allows travelers a simple way to plan out a travel route and book tickets ahead of time, without having to navigate […]

NVIDIA Shield continues console ambitions with new Tomb Raider release

The NVIDIA Shield is becoming an even more compelling product with each new major game release.

Tomb Raider — not the 1996 original but the 2013 reboot — is now available in its console-grade entirety on the NVIDIA Shield Android TV. Square Enix and NVIDIA worked together to optimize the game for the nascent set-top platform, and for $ 15 you get the entire experience, optimized for the company’s Tegra X1 processor  [Read More…]

WhatsApp continues to be way better than Allo with its latest update

Happy birthday, WhatsApp! What’d you get me?

A ton of people around the world use WhatsApp, and have for quite a while now. What started as a simple SMS replacement app has grown tremendously over the last eight years, and now does way more than just text. According to WhatsApp, 50 billion messages are sent each day alongside 760 million video and 80 million gifs. The point is, this app is a big deal even if you aren’t using  [Read More…]

HTC loses another high-level executive as it continues to struggle

HTC is losing execs, and gaining a reputation.

HTC has lost another big-name executive in Jason Mackenzie, the face of the company’s U.S. division where he served as president for over two years before moving onto an executive vice president role of the Taiwanese outfit’s global arm in early 2016.

After 12 amazing years, today is my last day @htc. It was a great run & I feel blessed. Thank you Peter Chou, @cherwang, & TeamHTC.

  [Read More…]