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Google Play Developer Publishing API to give devs better control over their Android apps

Developers now have access to a suite of new tools that help them track how well their app is performing and manage it after it is published, and it all starts with the Google Play Developer Publishing API. This new API, which was announced back at Google I/O, makes it easier for developers to upload APKs to different tracks — such as beta, staged rollout and production — as well as manage other parts of production  [Read More…]

You can now control your Tesla Model S using an Android Wear app

If you happen to be the lucky owner of a Tesla Model S and have been holding out hope for an Android Wear app to control it, you’ll certainly want to check out the Tesla Command app for Android Wear. Android Developer Matthew Patience has come up with the app and while it only allows for some basic functions such as locking and unlocking the doors, opening and closing the sunroof and honking the horn, there’s more features already  [Read More…]

Google Maps adds in-navigation voice control, elevation info for bicyclists

Google Maps is receiving an update to version 8.2 today, with a solid set of new features including in-navigation voice control, elevation change information for bicyclists and faster access to voice input from the main maps screen. The biggest change in this latest version is the ability to give Google Maps voice controls while you’re navigating, something that hands-free driving advocates (and just frequent drivers) will be a fan of. While navigating you’ll now see a  [Read More…]

Aces of the Luftwaffe Android game lets you control the battle with your Sony SmartWatch 2

Aces of the Luftwaffe is an Android game where you can control your plane’s flight and battle opponents by using your wrist-strapped Sony SmartWatch 2 as a controller. With the SmartWatch 2 or Sony’s SmartBand, users can control game play by moving their wrists, freeing up the screen real estate of the phone or tablet to have an unobstructed view of the game.

  [Read More…]

Hack Google Glass to let your brain control it

Rather than winking to take a photo, Google Glass owners can now command their connected eyewear to snap a shot by thinking it. Using brainwave mapping and the MindRDR software, Google Glass owners can pair their devices to a Neurosky EEG biosensor that would pick up their electroencephalography or EEG brainwaves.

Commandr app adds even more device control to Google Now

Google Now already provides a ton of voice-activated functionality like sending messages or initiating calls, but a new app called Commandr aims to take that one step further. With it, you can toggle Wi-Fi, GPS, the camera LED light, and just about anything else you want through Tasker integration. This is done by turning Commandr into your default note-taking application, so when you initiate with “Ok Google” like usual and you say “note to self”, you’re  [Read More…]

YouTube Creator Studio app is live, lets you control your channel on the go

Google a few moons back promised its YouTube creators — basically anyone and everyone who’s got a channel to worry about on YouTube — a new app for managing said channel. Today, that app is live.

YouTube Creator Studio gives you an easy app from which you can see your analytics, edit video information and descriptions, and reply to comments. (Seriously, though, stay out of the YouTube comments.) You’ll also get push notifications by default.

If you run  [Read More…]

Nest Protect is back on sale for $99, gesture control not included

Two months after taking the Nest Protect off shelves and issuing 440,000 recalls, Nest has announced that the smoke detector is now available for sale at a reduced price of $ 99.

New Pebble firmware lets you control music volume, rearrange apps in launcher

A firmware update has made its way this evening from Palo Alto, Calif., to a Pebble smartwatch near you, and version 2.2 brings a couple of welcome improvements.

First up is that you can now rearrange apps in the launcher. Just highlight it, then hold down the select button (that’s the one in the middle on the right), then move the item up or down. It’s especially useful because now apps that you use frequently aren’t  [Read More…]

SmartGlass on Android can now control your TV through your Xbox One

The Xbox SmartGlass app for Android allows users to remotely control their Xbox One from their phone, and with the latest update, you can do a lot more. TV and App Channels are now showcased in an easy-to-access OneGuide page. You can also manually cruise through your TV channels if you have service now. Twitch integration helps you discover live streaming gameplay through SmartGlass. An array of smaller tweaks, such as achievement comparisons, new notification options,  [Read More…]