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Field Trip gets voice control through Google Glass

Niantic Labs Field Trip app for Google Glass has received an update that enables voice controls. And all you have to say is “Okay Glass, Explore Nearby” to kick Field Trip into high gear. Field Trip hit Google Glass back in August of 2013, and it’s just now getting support for those voice commands that typify Glass.

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Nest partners with Virgin Group for in-flight personal climate control

Google Maps aren’t the only ones playing a little early April Fool’s Day shenanigans. Sir Richard Branson, Virgin founder and Tony Fadell, iPod designer and head honcho at Nest, have teamed up to deliver a not-so-believeable skit for Total Tempetature Control.

Sadly, not every seat will really have it’s own thermostat, and we can’t really select an exotic location and bask in the tropical glow.


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GDC 2014: Take control of your raids in city-builder Mark of the Dragon

One of the annoying things about the current breed of Clash of Clans-style city builders, it’s that you have little say in how raids and attacks unfold beyond deploying your units. That’s getting addressed in Gamevil’s upcoming Mark of the Dragon, which we played around with at GDC 2014. The usual freemium tropes are present, like gathering resources from your village, upgrading structures, researching, and training troops.

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Wikipad drops to $199 in the U.S., adds game control mapping tool

A quick heads up for anyone interested in the Wikipad gaming tablet that the U.S. price is down to $ 199. That represents a $ 50 price reduction, and other territories we’re told will announce any similar discounts at a later time. Wikipad comes pre-installed with a selection of top Android games including Shadowgun: Deadzone and Dead Trigger 2.

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Motorola updates Touchless Control with new ‘What’s up’ command to read notifications aloud

Touchless Control

Motorola Migrate also updated with two usability fixes to better control your data

Motorola’s Touchless Control app, the brains behind the always-listening function in the Moto X and new Droids, is being updated today with an interesting new feature that reads your notifications aloud. Along with the other commands you have such as making calls and Google searches, you can now say “What’s up” or “Read notifications” to have the phone read  [Read More…]

Motorola’s Touchless Control gets updated with ‘What’s up’ hotword

Motorola is hip. You want proof?

Touchless Control, Moto’s ‘always listening’ app, just updated with an awesome feature. If you have a new notification, you can now say ”What’s up?” or “Read notifications” and your phone will read your notifications aloud.

Keep in mind that if you have multiple new notifications, it will read all of them, not just the most recent. Kudos to Motorola for adding functionality to an already awesome app.

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Video: Evolution of the touchscreen; control your device with gestures


Touchscreens revolutionized the smartphone industry. What was state-of-the-art technology just a few years ago is now almost standard for all devices (even some feature phones have touchscreens). The ability to operate a device by touch has changed the way we interact with our devices, but there’s always room for improvement. So, what comes next? How about gestures?

The Pantech Vega LTE will launch in South Korea this November. Pantech devices have  [Read More…]