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No need for controllers with these awesome Oculus Quest games

With version 13 of the Oculus software, the Oculus Quest now automatically tracks your hands when it can’t find any Oculus Touch controllers in range. While it’s a novelty to browse through the Oculus menus with just your fingers, playing games is way more fun. To get started, sideload apps to your Oculus Quest using Sidequest before you begin. Also, for the best results, always play in a well-lit room for optimal hand-tracking performance. The brighter, the better.

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The Oculus Quest can now differentiate Christmas Lights from controllers

You can now safely Griswold your home.

What you need to know The Oculus Rift S and Oculus Quest use a visual tracking system called the Oculus Insight that sees LEDs in the Oculus controllers. Some types of Christmas lights were tricking the Insight system into thinking the controller was moving when it wasn’t. Oculus Insight now tracks lights in 3D space and will no longer be confused by small LEDs like Christmas lights.

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What controllers are compatible with the NVIDIA Shield TV Pro (2019)?

The NVIDIA Shield TV (2019) and Shield TV Pro may have radical new tube designs, but it still holds the crown as the best streaming device running Android TV. It’s also a capable gaming console that can access games from the Google Play Store or from NVIDA’s GeForce NOW game streaming device. For all of that, you’ll need a controller. Luckily, NVIDIA offers solid support for Bluetooth controllers, which means that you’ve got a slew of options to  [Read More…]

Can you use older Shield Controllers with the new NVIDIA Shield TV (2019)?

Best answer: Yes! The NVIDIA Shield TV 2019 is based on Android TV, which natively supports all major Bluetooth game controllers, including the Shield Controller. You can easily pair the Shield Controller to the Shield TV 2019 and play your favorite games on the streaming box.

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Colorful PlayStation 4 controllers you may be interested in

PlayStation supports a wide variety of accessories, but none are as crucial as the DualShock 4 controller, which is a necessity if you want to game at all. Since its standard black color is rather dull and people always want options, thankfully there are over a dozen variants to spice up players’ collections. Here are several choices you may be interested in.

Cool & Complimentary

Staff pick

Berry Blue

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Four more DualShock 4 controllers are coming in September

You can pick up four new DualShock 4 controllers starting in September.

What you need to know PlayStation Blog has revealed four more DualShock 4 color variations. The four new controllers are Electric Purple, Red Camouflage, Titanium Blue and Rose Gold. These four controllers don’t have an exact release date but will be available sometime in September. Each controller will be $ 64.99 USD/$ 74.99 CAD. Preorders are not yet live.

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How to protect your Oculus Quest controllers from damage

The Oculus Quest Touch Controllers are laid out well and help you control virtual reality, but they aren’t as durable as some VR controllers. Some users have reported cracks in the Touch Controller tracking ring. Additionally, as with any electronic device, if you hit it hard enough, you can damage it. To protect your Touch Controllers from damage, you’ll need to set strict boundaries and add a little protection.

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Does No Man’s Sky support HOTAS controllers?

Best answer: HOTAS controllers are not supported in No Man’s Sky even with the new update. There are just too many control systems to contend with and you would need to swap them over constantly.

Reach for the stars: No Man’s Sky ($ 40 at Amazon) As cool as it sounds, it’s a no

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Controllers for Google Stadia aren’t quite Bluetooth ready

You’ll need to wait a little longer.

What you need to know During an AMA on Reddit, Google’s Andrey Doronichev confirmed that Stadia controllers won’t support Bluetooth headsets at launch. There is a workaround, as long as you plan to play Stadia games through your Chrome browser or Pixel phone. Google Stadia will launch sometime in November 2019 with the Founder’s Edition.

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Best places to buy guaranteed authentic PS4 controllers

Best answer: As long as you are buying new and not pre-owned then large, well-known retailers like Best Buy or GameStop are your best bets at buying authentic PS4 controllers.

The real thing: DualShock 4 controller ($ 60 at Best Buy)

What makes Best Buy and GameStop the best places?

Best Buy and GameStop are guaranteed to have authentic controllers as long as buy a brand new one. Both stores are supplied with new, unopened products  [Read More…]