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Actually, the Pixel 2 is the best Android for Windows phone converts

The Pixel 2 (not the OnePlus 5T) is the best Android option for former Windows phone users for a couple of important reasons.

Recently Windows Central Senior Editor Zac Bowden proclaimed the new OnePlus 5T as the best Android phone for Windows folks who were finally moving on to another phone and another platform. I don’t deny the OnePlus 5T is a great phone (I haven’t used one for more than 60 seconds, but still) and that  [Read More…]

Why the OnePlus 5T is the best Android for Windows phone converts

Is the OnePlus 5T the right phone for those coming from Windows phones? Yes.

Last year I reviewed the OnePlus 3T as a Windows phone user, and I called it the best Android phone for Windows phone converts. Its price, software, and design made it a no-brainer for Android newcomers, and it was a great option for those who are looking to switch from Windows phone.

But it’s been almost a year, and OnePlus is now selling  [Read More…]

Gmail now converts addresses and phone numbers to actionable links

Gmail finally auto-converts addresses and phone numbers to links.

Google is adding a new feature to Gmail and Inbox that brings a much-needed feature to the mail clients. Starting today, addresses, emails, and phone numbers on Gmail and Inbox will be automatically converted to interactive hyperlinks.

For instance, an address link in Gmail automatically opens Google Maps, clicking on a phone number will take you to your dialer of choice on your phone, and selecting an  [Read More…]