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Ad industry asks Google to stay its hand over proposal to kill cookies

The advertising trade groups asked Google to not commit to its moratorium until ‘meaningful alternatives’ are found.

What you need to know Google recently announced its intention to phase out support for third-party cookies in Chrome. Within days, major trade organizations involved in advertisement have come out against the move. They cite the potential loss of revenues for startups that depend on advertising and ask Google to walk back on its plans until alternatives can be found.  [Read More…]

Google plans to banish third-party cookies forever

It wants to remove support for third-party cookies from Chrome within the next two years.

What you need to know Google wants to make third-party cookies a thing of the past. With new standards like its proposed Privacy Sandbox, it hopes to make them obsolete and eventually drop support for them in Chrome. In the meantime, it’ll start making changes to its policies for cross-site cookies beginning this February, with the aim of making them more secure.  [Read More…]