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Ten cool tech gifts for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is coming up, and we bet you’ve already started thinking what to get your dad this year. Well if your pops happens to be a gadget lover, then we have you covered with some nice gift ideas. Forget the classic neckties and whiskey bottles. This year get dad a gift that he actually wants.

Below you’ll find our choices of some great Father’s Day presents and hopefully they will provide you with some inspiration.

Pixel 2 XL

The  [Read More…]

Improve the air quality in your home with Dyson’s $349 Pure Cool Link Wi-Fi purifier

Just in time for allergy season and warm weather!

The Dyson Pure Cool Link Wi-Fi Air Purifier is down to $ 349 on Amazon. This deal on the White version is conveniently timed to compete with Best Buy‘s one-day deal on the Blue version, so I’m willing to bet this price won’t be here tomorrow. It normally sells for around $ 500.

Dyson’s air purifier does the purifying thing all year round with a HEPA filter that  [Read More…]

Cool your home for less this summer with a discounted ecobee3 lite smart thermostat

A worthy upgrade to your home.

Amazon currently has the popular ecobee3 lite smart thermostat on sale for just $ 144, which is a savings of $ 25 from its regular price. This thermostat can be easily controlled right from your iOS or Android device using the free app, as well as via Siri and Amazon’s Alexa. You can use the ecobee3 lite with a pair of room sensors to help ensure that your whole home is  [Read More…]

Tutti Studio’s cool retro Matti speaker wants to bring back the boombox era

Tutti Studio unveils a new party speaker called the Matti. The device is currently gathering funds on Kickstarter and you can order one for $ 169 and up.

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HTC’s Vive Focus VR headset is super cool, but you can’t have one

It was supposed to be the first Daydream Standalone headset, but HTC is doing something potentially more interesting now.

Back at Google I/O last year, Daydream Standalone was teased as the next big thing in VR from Google. A big part of that plan was a special headset from HTC that didn’t require a phone to work, but instead, we’ll soon be using the Lenovo Mirage Solo as the first Daydream Standalone headset. What happened to the  [Read More…]

Augmented Reality is the cool new place for Android fragmentation

The next big problem facing Android is the same as the last big problem facing Android.

One of the cool things about having an Android phone is, for the most part, the app experience is the same. There are a handful of apps which exist as exclusives to specific phones, because they rely on specific hardware or are tied to specific features only available on those phones. Everything else is available in the Play Store, the one  [Read More…]

Cool Kickstarter projects: Embr Wave is a wearable thermostat for your body

Wearables have been around for a few years, and yet they have failed to find true utility. For example, there’s not much you can do on your smartwatch than you can’t do on a smartphone. Well a new startup founded at MIT has created a wearable that actually solves a real problem. If you’re human, […]

Cool off your home screen with a dip in these ocean wallpapers

It’s summer; it’s hot, and can someone PLEASE take me to the beach?

It’s that time of year when the moment you leave the comfort and chill of your air conditioning you immediately start to sweat, if not flat-out melt. As a Texan, summer is the time of year that we all wonder what in blazes possessed our ancestors to settle in a state that sees such heat. It’s the beginning of August, meaning the delicious peaches  [Read More…]

10 Desk Accessories To Keep Your Office Cool During The Sizzling Summer

Are you tired of roasting in your office every summer? Here are some great gadgets that’ll keep you cool and refreshed through the sweltering heat!

Keeping cool can be tough, but keeping cool at the office can be nearly impossible.

You’re always running around to meetings and appointments; you have to dress in more restricted, stuffy clothes; you’re in tight, humid spaces with other coworkers; and that damn air conditioning just shuts off whenever the hell it  [Read More…]

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Are you ready for Summer?

Now that we’re done with our various North American independence holidays, it’s time for the heat. Summertime heat, that is.

While we all love warm weather and spending some time out in the sun, sometimes you need to duck into somewhere cool and take a break. While you’re chilling at the coffee shop or on your couch, you can grab your phone and talk about stuff right here. We all share a lot of  [Read More…]