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Check out these great products from Anker, UPDESK, LEVO, Coolest, and Ninety7

November is upon us, which means the weather is getting colder, and the holiday season is getting closer. This also means that we are finally nearing the end of #phonepocalypse, as almost all of the flagships for 2018 have been revealed.

Now’s the time when we start purchasing gifts for friends, family, co-workers, and ourselves. To that end, we want to help make things easier for you. Here’s a roundup of five items we think you, or someone close to  [Read More…]

Nanoleaf Aurora review: The coolest lights on the whole damn planet

It turns out the smart lights I’ve wanted all along aren’t lightbulb shaped.

I’ve been thoroughly invested in smart lighting for a while now. Several rooms in my house have been fully converted, fully connected to Google Home for voice control, and so far I’m pretty happy with the setup. Smart lighting is absolutely the way forward for me, especially as costs come down and more options become available. Combining convenience with a familiar form factor is  [Read More…]

Holocube by Merge VR was the coolest surprise from CES

Holocube is incredibly cool, and one of our biggest surprises.

Holocube surprised us — a lot. It’s a VR accessory for any Google Cardboard user, made by the company responsible for one of the most colorful Google Cardboard clones you’ll see on shelves in stores. Holocube doesn’t require Merge VR to use it — in fact it doesn’t even require an Android phone. Truly anything that runs Cardboard apps can take advantage of this new accessory. What  [Read More…]

The coolest discoveries from CES 2017

You probably won’t buy this stuff, but it’s just so damn cool.

Our team comes out to the Consumer Electronics Show every year in search of the things that happen next. We meet with companies eager to show us what they’re planning to announce, oftentimes months before the announcement actually happens.

It’s a great place to get a feel for what the industry is going to do over the next year, and what trends we should prepare  [Read More…]

Samsung’s LED Flip Cover is one of the coolest cases for your Galaxy Note 7

If you’re one of the many who purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note 7, you know it’s easily the best looking Android smartphone of the year. The curved metal edges flow beautifully into curved front and rear glass making for a device that grabs attention as soon as you pull it out of your pocket. That

Energy Bar review: The coolest way to check your battery

Your battery indicator. Probably the most boring aspect of any smartphone. In fact, I bet the only time you notice it is when you’re phone reaches 15%. For most of us, our battery icons do not do a good job in showing just how much juice is left in our phone. Sure, you can toggle

Gadgets of the week: JayBird X2 earbuds, Coolest cooler and more!

Ready for another fresh batch of Android gear?

Every weekend, we pore over the latest connected home, wireless audio, and mobile accessory releases and show off the best of the best. This go-around, JayBird launched the latest version of their sporty Bluetooth headphones this week, and the greatest cooler known to man has an ungodly pricetag. Dig in to read more of our favorite gadgets to hit shelves this week.

READ MORE: the best Android  [Read More…]

Polar Bowler review: The coolest bowling game on Android

Last year, WildTangent Studios released its first mobile game: Polar Bowler 1st Frame. A lighthearted bowling simulation, it starred a polar bear named “PB” and his penguin sidekick “J.”

Fast forward to today: WildTangent has just launched the full sequel to 1st Frame, simply titled Polar Bowler. The new game features a vastly expanded array of fantasy-themed arctic bowling courses and special inner tubes for PB to wear as he crashes through pins. It sure  [Read More…]