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Vivo VP predicts 5G phones could drop to $212 by the end of 2020

According to IDC data, Vivo ranks second in 5G phone sales in China.

What you need to know Liu Hong, Vice president of Vivo, says that 5G phones could drop to as low as $ 212 by the end of 2020. Xiaomi announced the Redmi K30 5G running a Snapdragon 765G in December of 2019 for only $ 284. Once Qualcomm starts rolling out its 5G capable Snapdragon 600 series, it could lead to more affordable 5G  [Read More…]

An AI breakthrough could significantly improve Oculus Quest rendering power

Super-resolution scaling has proven to be a winner for Google and NVIDIA, and Oculus could soon be using it as well.

What you need to know Facebook’s AI division has found a way to utilize super-resolution rendering to improve Oculus Quest performance. This technique has been utilized by companies like Google and NVIDIA in the past and has proven to deliver amazing results. Facebook is not committing to a timeline for the possible update and maintains that  [Read More…]

PS5 upscaling could make low-res games look much better, developer says

With Sony’s relative radio silence, we’re hearing about the PlayStation 5’s potential power from developers instead.

What you need to know The PS5 will take advantage of a custom AMD Ryzen 8-core CPU and custom Radeon Navi GPU. Developers have stated how its power will make even low-res games look amazing. Sony expects the PlayStation 5 to release Holiday 2020.

LKA, the developer behind Martha is Dead, recently spoke to Official PlayStation Magazine and brought up some  [Read More…]

Google Messages could soon be able to send iMessage-like ‘reaction texts’

The feature is likely to become available for users sometime later this year.

What you need to know An APK teardown of the Messages app v5.8 has revealed that Google is working on introducing “reaction texts” similar to iMessage. When users react to a message from someone who doesn’t have RCS enabled, Messages will send them a reaction text such as “Liked a photo.” In addition to “reaction texts”, Google is also expected to add emoji reactions  [Read More…]

Xiaomi is making a SIM card that could make microSD cards redundant

The proprietary card is likely to be offered only in China.

What you need to know Xiaomi is developing a SIM card that can also be used as a microSD card. The card will have the standard SIM technology on one side and flash memory on the other side. The “hybrid” card is likely to be compatible only with Xiaomi devices.

A dedicated microSD card slot used to be a standard feature on Android phones a few  [Read More…]

The T-Mobile Sprint merger deal could close by April 1

T-Mobile parent company Deutsche Telekom will hold approximately 43% share of the “new T-Mobile.”

What you need to know T-Mobile and Sprint are amending their merger deal, giving Deutsche Telekom a larger stake in the combined company. Deutsche Telekom will hold 43% shares in the newly combined company, while SoftBank will own 24% of shares. The merger between the two carriers is expected to close by April 1.

The T-Mobile / Sprint merger was finally approved last  [Read More…]

Could this be PS5’s new PSVR 2 display?

Probably not, and here’s why.

What you need to know A new LCD display panel from JDI built specifically for VR has entered mass production and is currently being used in upcoming XR headsets. JDI’s new display sports an incredible 1,058 ppi density, or more than double the density of most other VR displays. While Sony is a stakeholder in JDI, it’s unlikely this will be used for the PSVR 2 for a number of reasons.

Japan  [Read More…]

The Trump administration could soon block all chip supplies to Huawei

The move could have a devastating impact on China’s biggest smartphone maker.

What you need to know The Trump administration is reportedly planning to change U.S. regulations to allow it to block chip supplies to Huawei from TSMC and other chipmakers. If the proposal is approved, it would be a massive blow to Huawei’s smartphone business. The U.S. Commerce Department has declined to comment on the proposal.

Huawei lost access to Google services last year after the  [Read More…]

Microsoft teaming up with Samsung for gaming and XCloud could be HUGE

At Samsung’s 2020 Unpacked event, the Korean tech giant announced a partnership with Xbox. Details are scant, but what could it mean for the future of Microsoft’s gaming platform?

Last week and without warning, Samsung announced a partnership with Xbox, extending the love affair between the South Korean tech giant and Microsoft.

At Unpacked 2020, Samsung detailed its latest handsets, including the exciting Z Flip vertical folding phone, alongside some truly mind-blowing specs for the high-end Galaxy  [Read More…]

Here’s what a Surface Duo or Neo with a foldable display could look like

While the Duo and Neo feature split displays, Microsoft at least played with the idea of folding displays.

What you need to know A newly published patent by Microsoft shows a design for a device with a folding display. Similar patents have appeared from companies such as Dell. Several devices with foldable displays will be available in 2020.

A newly published patent by Microsoft shows off potential designs for a device with a folding display. WindowsUnited discovered  [Read More…]