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Huawei could get another 90-day reprieve from the U.S. Commerce Department

While the U.S. Department is expected to grant another temporary reprieve to Huawei, Trump still doesn’t want to do any business with the Chinese brand.

What you need to know Reuters has claimed the U.S. Commerce Department may give Huawei 90 more days to purchase components from American companies. The temporary license granted to Huawei in May is set to expire on August 19. Trump, however, has said that he doesn’t want U.S. companies to have any  [Read More…]

Prime Minister Boris Johnson could push for a Huawei ban in the UK

Huawei could become a talking point in future trade negotiations after Brexit.

What you need to know U.S. national security advisor John Bolton is lobbying the UK to ban Huawei from its telecom infrastructure. The U.S. has long excluded Huawei from its networking infrastructure. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is seen as more supportive of Trump’s policies, and Huawei could be used in trade negotiations between the two countries once Brexit is completed.

According to the U.S. national  [Read More…]

This 20x zoom shot could be from the new Pixel 4

The Pixel 3 phones max out at 10x zoom.

What you need to know A Google employee has posted a photo on Instagram said to be taken with a Pixel phone at 20x zoom. Since Pixel 3 phones max out at 10x zoom, it is very likely this is a sample taken with a Pixel 4 and its new telephoto lens. Previous leaks have revealed that one of the new cameras on the back of the Pixel  [Read More…]

Google Translate could be coming to the Recents screen on Android Q

The new feature will most likely be a Pixel exclusive.

What you need to know Google Translate has popped up in the Recents screen on a build of Android Q which has not been released to the public. The feature is part of the Pixel Launcher and hints that more integration with more apps could happen in the future. It will most likely be a Pixel exclusive feature when it launches.

There will be six betas for  [Read More…]

Dish and Google could create a new wireless carrier

The two companies are in talks to create a new wireless carrier if the T-Mobile and Sprint merger goes through.

What you need to know The director of Alphabet is said to be in talks with Dish about creating a new wireless carrier. The deal relies on the T-Mobile and Sprint merger being approved and the DOJ requiring the company to aid in creating a new wireless carrier. It would take at least three years for the  [Read More…]

Remedy could bring Alan Wake to PlayStation 4 in the future

PlayStation 4 users could be taking a trip to Bright Falls, Washington in the future.

What you need to know Alan Wake was previously exclusive to Xbox. Microsoft released the IP back to developer Remedy Entertainment. A Remedy spokesperson said that the company could now bring it to other platforms.

For years fan have complained that Microsoft squandered the Alan Wake IP by not greenlighting a sequel to Remedy’s psychological thriller. It looks like those complains may  [Read More…]

Dish could soon seal a $6 billion deal with T-Mobile and Sprint

A deal could be announced by the end of this week.

What you need to know Dish Network is reportedly close to finalizing a $ 6 billion deal with T-Mobile and Sprint to purchase assets that the two companies are divesting. The deal could be announced as soon as this week, provided it does not fall through. Dish has already spent $ 20 billion in purchasing wireless spectrum and must build its network by March 2020 to  [Read More…]

Samsung could unveil the Galaxy Note 10 on August 7 in New York

Samsung is set to unveil the Galaxy Note 10 at the same venue as last year’s Note 9.

What you need to know Samsung could unveil the Galaxy Note 10 on August 7 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. That’s the same venue the company used for the Galaxy Note 9 launch last year. The Note 10 is rumored with a new design that sees the removal of the headphone jack.

We got a good look at  [Read More…]

Trump ban could cause Huawei’s smartphone shipments to drop 60% this year

The company may not be able to beat Samsung anytime soon.

What you need to know Huawei is expecting smartphone shipments in overseas markets to drop by up to 60% this year. Sales and marketing managers at Huawei believe international shipments may drop in volumes between 40 million to 60 million. The recently launched Honor 20 may be discontinued if sales are below expectations.

Shortly after Huawei was put on the Entity list by the Trump administration,  [Read More…]

Pixel 4 could offer hands-free gestures, dynamic white balance adjustment

Google is set to offer a slate of new features on the Pixel 4.

What you need to know New rumor claims Google will include a Soli radar chip in the Pixel 4. The Soli chip will facilitate air gestures akin to Air Motion on the LG G8. Pixel 4 may also get automatic white balance adjustment, just like Apples’ True Tone tech.

We got our first look at Pixel 4 renders yesterday, and while the phone  [Read More…]