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There are a couple of steps you can take to play games when PSN is down

Best answer: Other than waiting for Sony engineers to fix any lingering PSN problems, you can always try going offline to play your games or resetting your router to see if that fixes the issue.

Online gaming: PlayStation Plus 12-month

How do I know when the PlayStation Network is down?

Sony has a website dedicated to the service status of PSN. If all services are up and running, you should be good to go. Sometimes only  [Read More…]

Real Snowfall & Beach Palms 3D are a couple of live wallpapers to try out (review)

For most of us, winter has just started. And for some of those folks, winter has started with a bang, bringing plenty of snow & slush along even before the holidays. And this onrush of the white stuff tends to place people in two distinct camps: the LOVE IT or HATE IT crowds. One way

Nexus 5X and 6P: Moving forward with a couple steps back

What would a phone launch be without an AndroidGuys impression? Even more so, a duo Nexus phone launch. Everyone now knows the full scoop (and the barrage of leaks can thankfully stop). As the dust settles, I’d like to know to how Nexus fans received the news. I know one thing:  everything wasn’t perfect in Nexus-land, and it still isn’t.

Don’t get me wrong, we did get some stellar devices. And the Nexus 5 sequel happened, which means that Google  [Read More…]

Google adds a couple new beta track options for developers

Google today announced two new methods of beta testing that will give developers even more options for testing apps before production release. Here’s the deal:

Open beta testing basically just removes the requirement that a user join a Google+ Community or Google Group. One click on the opt-in link and a user will be able to use the beta track. Developers can limit the number of users in the open beta, however. Closed beta via email address  [Read More…]

Google Photos adds a couple new album tools, custom photo description editing

Updates to the Google Photos app and website today have added a couple new ways of adding to and tweaking albums. In version 1.2 of the app, when viewing an individual photo you’ll now see a new “Add to album” option in the overflow menu, which will let you create a new album with just that photo or add to a previously-created one. While you’ve always been able to do this from the main gallery view —  [Read More…]

Trouble sending MMS on the Nexus 6? Here are a couple solutions

Problem lies with Google Messenger and APNs used by some carriers

Mobile communication might be shifting more towards data-based services all the time, but the humble text message (SMS) and multimedia message (MMS) aren’t going away anytime soon. Both are vital functions of any smartphone, and so when one of them’s not working on your device, it’s no small deal. Recently we’ve discovered an issue affecting the stock Google Messenger app loaded on the Nexus 6  [Read More…]

Nowhere: Runner A dark new endless runner with a couple of quirks (review)

Nowhere: Runner Featured Image

New developer Devvie Apps recently released their first mobile game with “Nowhere: Runner.” This beautifully dark endless runner is quoted by Devvie Apps as being inspired by the likes of Braid and Limbo. While the game doesn’t quite attain the visual standard of the aforementioned games, it certainly does have its own charm. In this game you play as what seems to be the shadow of  [Read More…]

A couple of older HTC phones updated with Heartbleed fix

A quick heads up for those of you sporting the HTC One S on T-Mobile, or EVO 4G LTE on Sprint. Be on the lookout for a system update that’ll patch the OpenSSL “Heartbleed” bug. It’s a small update and takes just a minute or two to install. But it’s one you don’t want to skip.

More: HTC One S forums, EVO 4G LTE forums

[Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy S II (I-9100) gets a couple new leaked ICS builds

Samsung Galaxy S II with Ice Cream SandwichSamsung Galaxy S II with Ice Cream Sandwich

For you folks who enjoy poking your heads where they don’t quite yet belong, a couple new Ice Cream Sandwich builds have leaked out for the international version of the Samsung Galaxy S II. And, yes, TouchWiz is there. And still looks like TouchWiz.  Of the two alpha versions, KP4 and KP8, the  [Read More…]

Verizon pimps 200 million covered by LTE and, oh, a couple of Xyboard tablets

Motorola Xoom 2/Xyboard

Verizon this morning in a press release talked up the first anniversary of the launch of its LTE network, pimping that 190 markets and 200 million people will be covered by Dec. 15 (that’s covered, and not necessarily subscribed). Pretty impressive when you think about it, especially when you compare it to the other established 4G network. (Cough. Wimax.)

Oh, and expect a couple of Motorola Xyboard tablets this  [Read More…]