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Save 38% on Samsung S-View Clear Covers for Galaxy S6 edge+

Shield your Galaxy S6 edge+ from scratches and minor impacts at all times with this OEM flip cover! The clear front cover allows you to see notifications and utilize basic touchscreen commands without ever opening the case. Grab one in black, silver, or gold for only $ 36.95 today

Samsung Protective Clear Covers for Galaxy S6 edge+ are 46% off today

Need protection for your Galaxy S6 edge+, but don’t want to compromise its sleek design? This OEM clear case is slim, transparent, and offers protection against minor drops and scratches. Grab one today for only $ 18.95!

Save 43% today on Samsung Clear Covers for Galaxy Note 5

Perfect protection for the Note 5 user that doesn’t care for bulking up their new device, the Samsung Clear Cover snaps on easily and offers a transparent design. Available in black sapphire, silver, and gold today for only $ 19.95!

Save over 40% today on Samsung Clear Flip Covers for Galaxy S6 edge

These OEM flip cases provide an easy way to view your notifications, incoming calls, texts, and more without ever opening the case. Snap the back shell around your Galaxy S6 edge and the front cover keeps your display safe from scratches. Available in black, green, silver, and gold today for only $ 34.95!

Toast review: Real wood covers for your tech devices

Who is Toast?

Stationed in Portland, Oregon, Toast is a company that creates, designs and ships real wood covers for a multitude of devices. They are a small team of 8 who work diligently to put out Toast covers for your favorite tech devices! Toast started back in 2012 after a Kickstarter campaign that was backed by 300 people.

Meet Team Toast! Matias Brecher – Founder, Product Designer & “Papa Toast” Naiden Read –  Laser Grand Master & Head of Production Jennifer  [Read More…]

Save over 30% on Samsung Wireless Charging Covers for Note 4

Designed to replace your existing Galaxy Note 4 battery door, this wireless charging cover is made of a polyurethane leather and snaps on just like your original. It’s compatible with the Samsung Wireless Charging Pad (sold separately) and other Qi-certified wireless charging pads. Yours today for only $ 23.95!

Save 33% today on Samsung Clear Flip Covers for Galaxy S6 edge

This unique flip case allows you to see through the entire front cover and interact with incoming calls, notifications and events. Its quick snap-on design makes installation easy, leaving access to all the ports and buttons of your device.  Get yours in black, green, silver or gold today for just $ 39.95!

Samsung S-View Flip Covers for Galaxy Note 4 are 42% off today

Gain instant access to your Note 4’s notifications and more without ever opening the flip cover! This S-View Case from Samsung looks as great as it protects, sporting a polyurethane leather texture on the outside. The back of the case replaces your stock battery door, keeping slimness a top priority. Choose your favorite color today for only $ 28.95!

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Samsung Protective Covers for Galaxy S6 edge are 40% off today!

These OEM hard cases offer an enhanced grip around your Galaxy S6 edge along with a super-slim form that doesn’t take away from the device’s good looks. Available in black or gold, the simple snap-on design makes installation and removal a cinch, leaving complete access to the ports and buttons. Get yours today for $ 17.95

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Save 47% today on see-through hybrid covers for the Note 4

If you’re seeking protection from drops and scratches while showing off the original look of your Note 4, this hybrid cover from Amzer is an excellent choice. There’s no unnecessary bulk — just a clean and simple case that’s easy to keep in your pocket. It comes in black or white and is only $ 7.95 today.

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