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How to fix game crashes in No Man’s Sky on PlayStation VR

With a launch as big as No Man’s Sky there are bound to be bugs and issues that Hello Games couldn’t account for. One issue we are seeing a lot is a black screen on starting your PlayStation VR game. Obviously, that’s bad news, especially as the game so good in VR, so we have a fix that should fix it for now. Turning off the Supersampling on your PS4 will help.

How to turn off Supersampling Turn  [Read More…]

Addictive game Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre crashes onto Android

A new way to crush candy.

Smash your way through Candy Land in Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre, a fun and colorful new title developed by the 4-man indie developer team at Juicy Beast.

Launcha Libre is equal parts goofy fun and addictive grinding.

This is actually the third game in the Burrito Bison franchise, but the first developed for mobile platforms (it’s also available for iOS). The format seems to  [Read More…]

Xperia Z3+ overheats and crashes in seconds

Remember those issues surrounding the Snapdragon 810 that caused Samsung to ditch the processor in its Samsung Galaxy S6 range due to overheating issues? Well it seems that the Sony Xperia Z3+ has confirmed that there is an overheating problem.

In a video captured reviewing the device, the Sony Xperia Z3+ is shown overheating and crashing in a matter of seconds while running the built-in Camera app.

Shooting standard images or capturing 1080p video seems to not be a  [Read More…]

SwiftKey updates Clarity Keyboard Beta with fix for crashes on Samsung devices, more

Swiftkey has updated its recently-released Clarity Keyboard Beta today with some fixes for a couple of particularly nasty bugs.

The specific bugs addressed by SwiftKey in this update relate to crashing that would occur on startup when using the keyboard on Samsung devices, as well as a particularly annoying bug that would cause all of the keys to stack up on one another.

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