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Dish agrees to pay $5 billion to T-Mobile and Sprint to create new carrier

Dish would pay $ 1.5 billion for prepaid mobile business and $ 3.5 billion for wireless spectrum.

What you need to know The $ 5 billion deal would set Dish up to create a new wireless carrier in the U.S. and ease Justice Department concerns over the T-Mobile and Sprint merger. Dish would pay $ 1.5 billion for prepaid mobile business and $ 3.5 billion for wireless spectrum. The T-Mobile and Sprint merger would still need to  [Read More…]

Dish and Google could create a new wireless carrier

The two companies are in talks to create a new wireless carrier if the T-Mobile and Sprint merger goes through.

What you need to know The director of Alphabet is said to be in talks with Dish about creating a new wireless carrier. The deal relies on the T-Mobile and Sprint merger being approved and the DOJ requiring the company to aid in creating a new wireless carrier. It would take at least three years for the  [Read More…]

PlayStation Productions aims to create quality game adaptations

Maybe PlayStation Productions can finally make a critically-acclaimed film.

What you need to know Sony just launched the PlayStation Productions division. PlayStation Productions aims to develop films and TV shows from the company’s game catalog. The team wants to control the entire process to ensure quality. A number of projects are already in the works.

PlayStation has some excellent franchises under its belt like God of War and Uncharted. According to an article by the Hollywood Reporter,  [Read More…]

Learn how to edit photos and create graphics in Photoshop for just $29

Creative professionals are no strangers to Adobe Photoshop. It’s one of the most popular and versatile photo editing tools on the market, and it’s a skill that every graphic designer or photographer should master. If you’re interested in these careers, you must learn how to use Photoshop effectively, and this $ 29 bundle will show you how.

The Complete Photoshop Master Class Bundle features 6 courses on Photoshop’s many applications. If you’re just starting out, Photoshop Made Easy  [Read More…]

Qualcomm’s new 5G chip helped create a face-mounted Android tablet

The HMZ-1 and HMZ-1Z1 wearables will be used for industrial workers for a project in Kazakhstan.

A collaboration between Qualcomm and RealWear has graced us with a head-mounted 5G connected Android tablet called the HMZ-1 and HMZ-1Z1. This ruggedized wearable snaps onto a hard hat, and puts a display in front of a worker’s eye providing a view equal to a seven-inch tablet with voice controls.

By using this Android tablet wearable thing, workers will be able  [Read More…]

Create your own home theater with Anker’s discounted Nebula Prizm II 1080p HD home projector

Not your standard portable screen.

The Anker Nebula Prizm II 1080p projector is down to a discounted price of $ 186.99 on Amazon when you use coupon code PZMMAR30 at checkout. This price is the best we’ve seen since January and one of the better deals we’ve posted on the item.

The Nebula Prizm II can create an HD picture up to 120 inches in size and with a 1920 x 1080 resolution. It’s bright with 200  [Read More…]

Create polished marketing videos for $29 with Wave.Video

Many successful marketing campaigns use video to get an idea or product across. However, if you’re a new company launching a crowdfunding campaign, you’re likely tied for resources as is, and hiring a videographer or marketing agency to handle video for you can be expensive. Luckily, Wave.Video makes it easy to create polished marketing videos, and you can sign up for as low as $ 9.

Wave.Video is a streamlined video editing app with tons of free assets,  [Read More…]

How to create Activity Zones for your Nest Camera

It can get really annoying to have your Nest notify you every time something approaches your doors or windows, especially if you have a yard with some animals roaming. That’s what Activity Zones are for, and the process of setting these up is pretty simple, straightforward, and extremely convenient as you can do it from anywhere in the Nest app.

Products used in this guide Amazon: Nest Cam ($ 178) Nest: Nest Aware (From $ 50/year) How to  [Read More…]

Create a cinema anywhere with $75 off the Nebula Mars Lite home theater

Watch anywhere.

The Anker Nebula Mars Lite portable home theater is down to $ 223.99 on Amazon. This is a match for the lowest price ever and one we haven’t seen since Black Friday.

This portable projector has a battery that’s large enough for three hours of runtime even when it’s not plugged in. Turn any wall into a movie theater screen, even when you’re at a party or outside somewhere. The 3000 lumen LED lamp can  [Read More…]

AppOnboard lets you create app demos without coding knowledge

Everyone can share their ideas.

AppOnboard is a leading development platform for instant apps and app demos that transforms complex apps and games into lightweight native experiences. Today, the company announced the launch of AppOnboard Studio. AppOnboard Studio allows designers to build an app demo without engineering resources or the knowledge of how to code. That’s not all though, the team claims that this no-code tool also enables app demos to become shareable on social platforms and  [Read More…]