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Amazon’s creating a facial recognition system the government can use

Law enforcement will be a “common use case” for the tech.

Privacy is a luxury that seems to be slipping away from our world with every day that passes, and Amazon’s currently working on a system to ensure it disappears ASAP.

According to marketing materials that the ACLU obtained, Amazon’s building a new technology called “Rekognition” that’s designed for facial tracking. Per the ACLU —

Powered by artificial intelligence, Rekognition can identify, track, and analyze people in  [Read More…]

HTC is creating an Android phone that’s powered by blockchain

The phone’s called “Exodus” and will be released this October.

It’s no secret at this point that HTC’s seen better days. The company knows how to make a solid smartphone, but consecutive quarterly losses and the departure of its mobile president has resulted in some pretty rough waters. In an attempt to turn the ship around, HTC has announced that it’s creating a…blockchain smartphone.

According to The Next Web, HTC’s blockchain phone will be called Exodus and  [Read More…]

Samsung is creating a smart speaker after all

Back in July, it was reported that Samsung was manufacturing a Bixby-enabled smart speaker, following hot on the heels of Apple announcing a smart speaker and Google and Amazon contributing to the market, too. It didn’t take long before another report said that Samsung might not be making a smart speaker after all. But the rollercoaster isn’t quite finished.

Today, following the unveiling of the Galaxy Note 8, the President of Samsung’s Mobile Division, DJ Koh, confirmed to CNBC that Samsung is indeed making a  [Read More…]

Samsung is creating a Bixby speaker

Samsung are clearly putting a lot of effort into creating its own virtual assistant with Bixby. However, it’s not been smooth sailing and saw a significant delay despite being included with the Galaxy S8. Despite the various delays, Samsung still seem to be pushing on with its strategy to compete with the likes of Google […]

Samsung Unpacked 2017 app update focuses on creating Galaxy S8 awareness

With less than a week to go before the grand Galaxy S8 launch, Samsung is making sure to remind fans to stay tuned for the announcement. Samsung’s Unpacked 2017 app for Android and iOS received an update this week which brings a few Galaxy S8 goodies to the table. For starters, those who are attending […]

Creating a website? Here’s a few things to consider

So you’re interested in creating a web presence for yourself. Good for you! Do you know where to start or what tools to use? What platform are you using to generate content? What are you going to use to learn how to do all of this? Tools and Training If you head to the AndroidGuys […]

Creating and sharing Albums in Google Photo [How-To]

You may have noticed by now that we have a theme going with Google Photos How-To’s; we have things like how to backup your pictures, editing pictures and creating a slideshow. Today we continue that with creating and sharing albums with Google Photos. Albums are sort of like folders, they allow you to group photos

What companies need to know when creating a BYOD work environment

Increase workforce agility and mobility by going BYOD.

If you’re considering implementing a BYOD (bring your own device) policy in your workplace, there are a few things you should consider before diving in and giving employees’ personal devices access to sensitive information. Do you have the right security in place? Are there any restrictions on device usage during work hours? Are you and your employees using the right apps?

We’ve got a few tips that could keep  [Read More…]

Creating Animations (.gif) using Google Photos is super simple and fun (4 quick steps in 30s)

You’ve seen them all over the web, from Twitter to ESPN, GIPHYs are highly popular due to their ability to animate still photos as a collection. The concept is easy to understand, but as with anything technology related, the barrier for learning how to do something new can be getting in your way of creating your

Connect Ability tech challenge has developers creating applications and hardware for those with special needs

AT&T and NYU are sponsoring the Connect Ability tech challenge, a global competition for developers and makers to create tech to help those with special needs, and we’re seeing a few examples of the great work the enterprising participants have come up with. The winners of the $ 100,000 prize will be announced July 27, 2015, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

While everyone, participants and users alike, is a winner when  [Read More…]