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Elden Ring by Game of Thrones creator: Everything we know right now

How can you not be excited by a collaboration between minds behind Game of Thrones and Dark Souls?

There are a lot of reasons to be excited about Elden Ring, even though we haven’t been told very much at all about the game itself. First, the mind behind Dark Souls, Mr. Hidetaka Miyazaki, is the one developing the game along with the team at Bandai Namco. If you have never played the Dark Souls games, you’ll know  [Read More…]

Essential acquires CloudMagic, creator of Newton Mail

In a surprise move, Essential has acquired CloudMagic, the email startup that created Newton Mail. If you’re unfamiliar, Newton was a subscription-based premium email app that earned rave reviews from bloggers and email power users. But though the service attracted over 40,000 subscribers, CloudMagic shut down Newton in September of this year due to lack of profitability.

With Essential acquiring CloudMagic, it’s likely that Newton will be integrated into the next Essential Phone, or perhaps Essential’s mysterious home hub. Newton  [Read More…]

Here’s what’s new in the big 3D Creator 2.0 update for Xperia phones

The update includes selfie scans, 4K textures, and more.

During MWC 2018, Sony announced a laundry list of new features coming to its 3D Creator app that was first introduced on the Xperia XZ1 and XZ1 Compact last August. Those features are now arriving on Xperia devices thanks to the big 2.0 update rolling out to the Play Store now, and there’s a lot to check out.

The most notable addition to 3D Creator 2.0 is the  [Read More…]

Mandrake Linux creator working on new fork of Android without Google services and apps

Once upon a time, Cyanogen Inc. partnered up with smartphone manufacturer BLU for a phone that should have landed on the market without any of Google’s popular apps baked-in. Unfortunately, the product never became a reality and Cyanogen Inc. fell apart in 2016 after spending three years attempting to make Android ROMs into a viable […]

(DEAL) AGFPRO 3.0 Game Creator & DLC Bundle only $9.99

Ever thought about designing your own video game? Not sure where to start? To be sure, the idea could be rather daunting if you’ve got zero experience and a minimal budget. Today’s deal of the day is here to help you get on the fast track to creating your own games across a number of genres.

Catch our interview with Bard’s Tale creator Brian Fargo live!

Some games stick with you long after you’ve played, and in some cases find their way back into your game catalog to be played again and again. Role-playing games seem especially prone to this phenomenon for some, and if you’ve been playing these games for any significant length of time you’ve likely lost a weekend or three to The Bard’s Tale. The folks at inXile Entertainment have recently completed a successful Kickstarter campaign to bring The Bard’s  [Read More…]

YouTube quietly starts rolling out a built-in GIF creator

YouTube has quietly started rolling out their own GIF generator. It’s not available for all channels yet, with only certain creators having the option available on some of their videos, found under the sharing options next to email.

Sticker Creator makes digital scrapbooking easy on Xperia phones

Sony has released a new app for its Xperia line of Android phones allowing users to create digital stickers from their photos for easy personalization and scrapbooking. Dubbed Sticker Creator, the app ties into your Xperia phone’s camera and allows you to either capture a new image and use that as a sticker or use an existing image from your camera roll, trim it and create a custom sticker out of your personal photos. Next, fire  [Read More…]

Flappy Bird creator to come out with a new game called Swing Copters

swing copters

When Flappy Bird got pulled from the various app stores, all havok broke lose, and rightly so – the game had many people hooked, partly due to its frustratingly hard nature. Flappy Bird was a success, but the spotlight that surrounded the app was too much for developer Dong Nguyen. Well, he is back with… Read more »

The post Flappy Bird creator to come out  [Read More…]

YouTube Creator Studio app is live, lets you control your channel on the go

Google a few moons back promised its YouTube creators — basically anyone and everyone who’s got a channel to worry about on YouTube — a new app for managing said channel. Today, that app is live.

YouTube Creator Studio gives you an easy app from which you can see your analytics, edit video information and descriptions, and reply to comments. (Seriously, though, stay out of the YouTube comments.) You’ll also get push notifications by default.

If you run  [Read More…]