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You can now use Google Opinion Rewards to score Play Store credit in India, Singapore, and Turkey

Get Play Store credit by taking part in surveys.

Google Opinion Rewards is now live in India, Singapore, and Turkey, allowing customers from these markets to participate in surveys to get Play Store credit.

In the U.S., customers get up to $ 1 in credit for a survey, and in India the payout starts from ₹10. That’s what I received for the survey I completed, but the figure should change based on the survey.

The launch  [Read More…]

Mastercard introduces a credit card with a built-in fingerprint reader

Mastercard’s latest credit card comes with a biometric zone that stores your fingerprints.

Mastercard has rolled out a credit card that has an integrated fingerprint scanner, making it easier to authenticate purchases at retail stores. The card stores two fingerprints, and features an embedded sensor that lets you authorize payments instead of having to sign or use a PIN.

To get started, you’ll have to register your fingerprints at your bank, after which the information will  [Read More…]

Amazon Prime members can grab Dash Buttons on sale for $1 and still get a $5 credit for a limited time

Our friends at Thrifter are back again, this time with a way to grab Dash Buttons for just $ 1!

Amazon’s Dash Buttons are an extremely easy way to reorder the supplies that you use the most in your house, and right now Amazon Prime members can grab them for $ 0.99 with the coupon code DASHBDAY. Normally the buttons cost $ 4.99 each, and then you receive a $ 4.99 credit after using it for the first time,  [Read More…]

T-Mobile aims to simplify billing and give credit to low data users with Un-carrier Next

T-Mobile today took to the CES 2017 stage to introduce Un-carrier Next, four years after revealing the first Un-carrier move.

Un-carrier Next is aimed at rate plans and helping to simplify them. The latest Un-carrier move is made up of three main features:

Taxes all-in with T-Mobile One: With the new T-Mobile One plan, all taxes and fees are included with the advertised price. That means that for the $ 70 single line T-Mo One plan, you’ll pay exactly $  [Read More…]

Google’s new Project Fi referral program awards $20 credit for each new subscriber

Are you a Project Fi subscriber who knows someone who is using a Nexus or a Pixel phone? Then why not recommend they join Project Fi, as well? Google is going to make it worth for you. The search giant has just introduced a new referral program for Project Fi, which aims to bring more

Sprint lets you win $5,000 in Amazon credit, HTC Bolt phones this Christmas

Are you a Sprint customer? The you should know your favorite carrier just unleashed a new holiday promotion that is guaranteed to make Christmas better this year. All you need to do is visit Sprint’s new “Snow Place Like Home” website and enter the relevant information in order to be eligible to win one of

Google offers $50 Play Store credit to apologize for late Pixel deliveries

Google’s new Pixel duo is currently shipping to customers who pre-ordered the devices. But some are luckier than others. While Pixel phones have made it to some, others are still waiting to get ahold of their devices. To make matters even more frustrating, Google has apparently misjudged demand for the two phones, so the estimated

Samsung Canada offering $100 credit to exchange Note 7 for another Galaxy phone

Samsung Electronics Canada has announced two credit options for Canadian Customers who have yet to return their Galaxy Note 7, with incentives for those who opt to exchange their recalled phone for a Galaxy S7 or S7 edge.

Starting today, Note 7 owners returning their device at the original point of purchase can receive the following credit options:

A $ 100 credit for customers exchanging their Note 7 for a Galaxy S7 or S7 edge. A $  [Read More…]

Samsung offers Note7 owners $100 credit to purchase another Galaxy phone

Earlier this week Samsung urged all Galaxy Note7 owners to power off their devices and stop using them immediately. The Korean tech giant also invited affected parties to take advantage of the remedies available, like requesting a full refund. Interestingly enough, US customers aren’t flocking to return the faulty phablet, so Samsung has come up

Samsung offers $100 credit to swap your Note 7 for another Galaxy phone

Only $ 25 credit if you’re changing brands.

With the brand damage caused by not one but two recalls, Samsung is offering incentives to Note 7 customers in the U.S. to keep them loyal to the Samsung brand. Anyone with the now canceled phone can claim $ 100 bill credit if they choose another Samsung smartphone, compared to just $ 25 if they choose another brand or a refund.

The new exchange program in the U.S.  [Read More…]