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With Google lurking, gaming has never been more critical to Microsoft

Google has been a gigantic thorn in Microsoft’s side for many, many years, but things are about to get a whole lot worse for Redmond.

Google has been chipping away at Microsoft’s software empire for many years now, with Android in particular exploding as a software ecosystem to rival Windows itself. Android handsets armed with Google Play are a dominating force on mobile devices, while Microsoft’s efforts in the space fell spectacularly flat.

Google has been leveraging  [Read More…]

Identify critical vulnerability in Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chips and win $15,000

Qualcomm just introduced its top of the line next-gen chipset Snapdragon 835 earlier this week. Now the company announced a new bug bounty program that invites white hat hackers to identify vulnerabilities in its Snapdragon chips and LTE modems. Qualcomm is offering prizes up to $ 15,000 to those who successfully identify a bug (or more).

5 critical things the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 got all wrong

I’m usually very critical of Samsung mainly because they are the largest Android smartphone maker in the world, and I do my best to speak up for the masses rather than the tech geeks. That usually brings a whole lot of hate comments on my Samsung posts, and it also generates quite a few comments

Nexus devices to get a mid-month security patch after critical Linux kernel exploit discovered

App used to root Nexus 5, Nexus 6 found to have exploited ‘local elevation of privilege vulnerability,’ but .

Google has issued a supplemental update to its monthly Android Security Advisory after a critical flaw in the Linux kernel was found to be exploited in a rooting app. The flaw as originally reported was scheduled to be patched in a coming monthly security update, but that changed once researchers from Zimperium were able to demonstrate an  [Read More…]