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It’s time to annoy your friends again with Candy Crush Friends Saga (Review)

Depending on which side of the story you are, Candy Crush is either a franchise you really like, or hate with a passion. People who like it keeps coming back for its huge amount of content, colorful visual style, and addictive nature. People who hate it either doesn’t like the microtransaction aspect of it, are fed up with Facebook invitations to play the game, or can’t stand King as a company.

It really doesn’t matter which side you fall  [Read More…]

Candy Crush Friends Saga to debut on Android and iOS on October 11

Mobile game developer, King has just revealed is gearing up to unveil a new game from the popular Candy Crush franchise.

Called Candy Crush Friends Saga, the title has been soft-launched ever since May of last year. Thankfully, it now seems King is finally ready to start offering the game to a wider audience. The game will become available for download on October 11 for both Android and iOS users.

Candy Crush Friends Saga has players traveling through the  [Read More…]

Damn, PlayStation VR is going to crush everything

Sony’s VR offering was always going to be good, and now we know just how good.

Early adopters are going to look at the PlayStation VR as the “late” entry to the VR space for this generation, but the truth is launching this headset will be the official start of high quality VR for everyone. Sony’s post-E3 hype train for PlayStation VR has just started, and we took a quick look at what makes this headset  [Read More…]

PopCap takes on Candy Crush with Bejeweled Stars

Match-3 puzzles games are a dime a dozen nowadays. Candy Crush is king of course, but it owes some inspiration to Bejeweled. Now PopCap has launched Bejeweled Stars, which might just Crush the competition. What makes this one so stellar? Read our detailed impressions to find out!

The next evolution of Bejeweled

The basic concept of Bejeweled is simple. Match three or more gems, score points, and try to create larger matches and  [Read More…]

The Rock’s new motivational alarm app will help you crush your day

Have you ever wished you could wake up to the smell of whatever The Rock is cookin’? Well, while it doesn’t contain any smells, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s new alarm app can bring you one step closer to that dream.

Called The Rock Clock, the free alarm app is billed as a “motivational alarm clock from Project Rock.” To help you cut down on excuses and stay motivated, the app lets you set goals  [Read More…]

Candy Crush Jelly Saga: King stays true to its formula [Review]

There’s a very high chance that you know someone who plays Candy Crush. The game stormed the App Store and Google Play when it came out, and even after several years, it

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Crush your rivals in Clash Royale, now available worldwide

Clash Royale is now available on the Google Play Store. Launching worldwide, this latest game from the same company that brought us Clash of Clans is a mix of multiple genres, including card collection, tower defence, and even MOBA “laning”. What’s more is if you don’t need to be a Clash of Clans fan to enjoy this latest title from Supercell.

The aim of the game is to duel others in real-time, attempting to destroy  [Read More…]

Call of Duty publisher Activision snaps up maker of Candy Crush

Activision has announced that its deal to acquire Candy Crush developer King Digital for $ 5.9 billion is now complete. The deal, which was originally announced in November of 2015, will see the mobile juggernaut that is Candy Crush join an already impressive lineup of blockbuster franchises from Activision. Says Activision’s Bobby Kotick:

“We now reach over 500 million users across almost every country, making us the largest game network in the world. We see great opportunities  [Read More…]

Activision buys Candy Crush developer for $5.9 billion

Activision has announced that it acquired Candy Crush developer King Digital for $ 5.9 billion. The deal will have to go through approval in Ireland — where King is based out of — with a final agreement expected by spring of 2016.

Spooky House Pumpkin Crush for Android Wear brings matching games to your smartwatch

With Halloween just a few short weeks away all things spooky are coming out of the woodwork. That’s true on your Smartwatch as well with Spooky Pumpkin Smash on Android Wear. This fun matching style games has tons of options, and involves matching up and subsequently smashing pumpkins. Besides who doesn’t want to smash some pumpkins without having to worry about the mess?

Let’s take a look.

Spooky House Pumpkin Smash is a fun  [Read More…]