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Netflix is getting crushed in India, and it’s all because of Amazon and Hotstar

Netflix hasn’t altered its pricing structure for the Indian market, and it’s losing ground as a result.

Just over two years ago, Netflix announced that it would be vastly expanding its service globally, becoming available in 130 new markets. India was one of those markets, and with the service available in the country for well over 24 months, it’s time to see what has worked (and what hasn’t).

At the time, Netflix was the first major  [Read More…]

Crushed by a stampede of petitioners, the FCC extends net neutrality comment period

Crushed by a flood of commenters, the FCC has extended the open comment period for their Open Internet proceedings until Friday. When we wrote about the importance of net neutrality back in May, the FCC had opened the door for open comment, and that window was due to close today. But after having been smashed yesterday and today by people like you registering their thoughts with the FCC about how best to address net neutrality, the  [Read More…]

Misfit CEO sees wearable fitness trackers getting crushed by smartwatches

Today saw the announcement that Misfit’s activity tracking software was coming to Pebble smartwatches, something that took us by surprise, apparently it’s because Misfit‘s leadership saw the death of dedicated fitness trackers in the tea leaves. All told, wearable fitness trackers are a relatively new category, only a few years old at best. Misfit sells the Shine activity tracker, which relies on a smartphone (or now a Pebble) to sync and display its data.

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AT&T has huge Q4 of smartphone sales – Android crushed by iPhone

AT&T has huge Q4 of smartphone sales – Android crushed by iPhone

We’ve been in the habit of reporting so much about Android’s incredible sales that it’s sometimes jarring to hear when the green bot isn’t racing towards the top. On at  [Read More…]