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Curious about the Destroy All Humans remake? Here’s what you need to know

THQ Nordic is back with a remake of another cult classic, Destroy All Humans! and with it they’ve given us one of the most entertaining game trailers I have recently seen. It’s a great example of the humor we’ve come to expect from any DaH! title. Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming Destroy All Humans! game:

Alien Invasion! Destroy All Humans!

$ 40 at Amazon

And flying cows?

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Curious about Microsoft’s Windows 10 event? Here are some handy links!

We’ve got more than a few Windows users among us here at Android Central, and today’s a pretty big day as Microsoft’s got its Windows 10 event going on in Redmond. And our pals at Windows Central are covering the heck out of it.

A couple links to follow this morning:

Liveblog: Windows 10 — The next chapter (noon EST) Everything you need to know about Windows 10

We’ll be keeping an eye on this, too,  [Read More…]

Curious about Android L? Join the discussion in the forums!

In the aftermath of Google I/O, we’re digging into all of the new stuff around the latest version of Android. With the release of factory images for the Nexus 5 and 7 that let you try out Android L for yourself, it seems a good number of people have taken the jump to trying out the first release of the software to get a glimpse of the future. For many it’s still too early (understandably so)  [Read More…]