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Google Assistant may soon get customizable hot words

You could name your Google Assistant Bob, Mary, or anything else you’d like.

Before the Google Assistant came about, one of the best voice assistants on Android came from Motorola with Moto Voice. Moto Voice was able to search the web and perform basic actions, and starting with the 2nd-generation Moto X in 2014, Motorola allowed you to use whatever hot word you’d like to get Moto Voice’s attention. Now, it looks like Google Assistant may finally get something  [Read More…]

HTC U11’s Edge Sense becomes user customizable in latest update

If you follow the news, you probably know that HTC U11’s standout feature is the Edge Sense pressure-sensitive frame which lets users squeeze the sides of the phone to get it to perform a certain action. Unfortunately, up until now the Edge Sense’s functionality was restricted to a few commands HTC had baked in. But […]

Facemoji Keyboard: A fun, customizable keyboard

Keyboards might be the most boring things on our phones. For the majority of people, the keyboard that comes on your phone is the one you stay with. But there is a world of third party keyboard apps out there that do more than a stock keyboard app could ever dream. Today, we are taking

Add a map, photo and customizable button to your Nexus with Google’s new case

Google has just announced a new case for the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P and even the Nexus 6, the Nexus Live Case. The case allows you to customize your design, from your favorite picture to your favorite map view, to make the case more personal. In addition to being able to customize it, the case has a built-in button that will launch your favorite application when pressed.

This is not the first time Google has released  [Read More…]

Alcatel OneTouch’s Pop Star and Pop Up are heavily customizable budget smartphones

At IFA, Alcatel OneTouch announced two new handsets targeted at the entry-level segment, the Pop Star and Pop Up. With a focus on customizability, the Pop Star will be available in a variety of back cover options, including plastic, leather and denim.

Daily Calculator Free: a customizable calculator short on functionality (App Review)

For this review, we have Daily Calculator Free, a calculator with many whom have come before it and surely many whom will come after it. It has a lot of competition out there, including the various calculators that are pre-installed by OEMs. Ultimately, the purpose of such an app is to solve calculations ranging from the basic addition, division, and so on to possibly more complex computations involving trigonometry and exponents.


Daily Calculator Free’s setup is simple. Download and  [Read More…]

Action Launcher 3.5 jumpstarts the Google Search box with a customizable ‘Quickbar’

Action Launcher 3 — one of the our Best Android Launchers of 2015 — today has gotten a pretty big update that makes it an even more compelling install. With Version 3.5 you can now customize the search bar — which actually has become an all-powerful “Quickbar.”

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CyanogenMod team hints Gello, a customizable Chromium-based browser

The CynaogenMod team appears to be working on a Chromium-based browser named Gello, built with customization in mind. This information comes to us from team member Joey Rizzoli’s Google+ post via Android Police.

Within Rizzoli’s post is a 14-second trailer demonstrating the current build of Gello. While these features necessarily won’t make it to the final release, the video shows us those such as:

a “save for offline” reading mode a customized interface, which includes tab animations and management Night mode  [Read More…]

Chromecast app adds backdrop picture history, customizable backdrop speed

A few usability improvements are hitting the Chromecast app with the latest update.

The new version of the app displays your current Chromecasts in a larger “card” style, with quick access to the settings and backdrops on each.

Android L’s quick settings might be customizable once the OS gets released

android l quick settings

The beauty of Android si the ability to customize it. Even without rooting the phone you have an incredible level of customization that you can apply on your device, unlike some other platforms which allow you to do very little when ti comes to this *cough* WP and iOS *cough*.

Non-rooted Android devices can’t do much when it comes to customizing built-in  [Read More…]