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Should you buy the Acer CXI3 Chromebox?

Best answer: If you’re looking for a powerful Chromebox for home or business use, the Acer Chromebox CXI3 should be on your short list. With 8th generation Intel Core processors, user-upgradable memory and storage, and plenty of ports, it’s one of the best Chromeboxes available.

Amazon: Acer Chromebox CXI3 ($ 490)

A powerful, business-class Chromebox

You can save money and buy a Chromebox with low-end specs if you want a small and reliable desktop PC, but  [Read More…]

Acer CXI3 Chromebox pre-orders now open and start at $297

If you want a lot of power, you can spend as much as $ 744.

Seemingly out of nowhere, 2018’s been shaping up to be an excellent year for Chromebox fans. Asus and HP both announced Chromebox hardware during this year’s CES, and a few weeks later, Acer unveiled its new CXI3. Acer’s Chromebox has since gone up for pre-order, and pricing sounds more than reasonable.

There are a few different models to choose from, with the  [Read More…]