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OnePlus suffers cyber attack that leaks 40,000 customer details

It’s time to reset the OnePlus counter of controversy surrounding the company and its headlines in the news. First it was the invite system and then a plethora of social media blunders and now, unfortunately, it’s a security issue. Earlier this week, customers were reporting fraudulent transactions on their credit cards following a purchase on the […]

Cyber Paint Review: Lighthearted art for Daydream

Painting in the world of virtual reality

The team over at Sterling Crispin Software has released an app called Cyber Paint. This is an interesting turn on creating art in VR. With plenty of options for your canvas, including portrait or 360, you could see where things have the potential to get fun.

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Equifax says personal data of 143 million customers exposed in cyber attack

Equifax says a cyber attack leveraged against the company has exposed the personal data of approximately 143 million U.S. consumers.

Credit-reporting company Equifax has just announced a major cyber security breach that has exposed the data of approximately 143 million U.S. consumers.

What data was exposed?

The company says the following data was accessed:

names Social Security numbers birth dates addresses driver’s license numbers credit card numbers (approx. 209,000 U.S. consumers) dispute documents (approx. 182,000 U.S. consumers)  [Read More…]

Best Buy’s Cyber Monday in July deals are live: iPad (2017) for $280, 4K TVs under $400 and more!

Best Buy is running its Cyber Monday in July sale, and our friends at Thrifter are here with some of the best deals from it!

Following its Black Friday in July sale, Best Buy is back with a Cyber Monday in July sale. From appliances for your home to a new speaker system for your car, a new iPad for an upcoming present to a new TV for your living room, there are a ton of deals here you’ll  [Read More…]

Here’s how you can become a certified cyber security hacker

If you’ve been following the news lately, you’ll have seen hackers making the news more and more frequently. There’s a cyberwar raging as anonymous groups of malicious hackers seek to steal sensitive information and compromise online. This means that now more than ever, there’s a huge demand for ethical hackers with penetration testing skills for finding web security vulnerabilities. Learning these valuable skills could open up a whole new career path for yourself. The good news is that all the  [Read More…]

Worried about cyber security threats? Become an expert on the cheap (Deal of the Day)

If you’ve paid attention to the news over the last few years, you probably heard about North Korea’s attack on Sony Pictures. Perhaps you remember the slew of celebrities who had their personal information and photos leaked online. More recently, even, maybe details about Russia’s involvement in the American presidential election. Have you ever wondered how it’s possible

Sony’s Xperia X Compact is $100 off for Cyber Monday!

The smallest phone gets the biggest discount.

Everyone is getting together for a day of deals, which is to be expected after several other days of deals. Sony’s Cyber Monday offerings have launched, and if you’re looking at an[Xperia phone as your next there are a couple of compelling offers available. Here’s what Sony has to offer!

Xperia X Compact in all colors — $ 399 ($ 100 off) Xperia XZ in Platinum — $ 599  [Read More…]

Save 25% on all VPN services in our store for Cyber Monday

Can you believe it’s almost December already? Indeed, we’re smack-dab in the middle of Cyber Monday and the rush for shopping is underway. Today’s the day where lots of consumers pick up something special for friends and family – and often themselves, too. As such, this is one of the best days of the year to

BLU Vivo 6 UK promo price extended for Cyber Monday

£55 off new mid-ranger from BLU.

Florida-based brand BLU has extended its £55 off deal for the new Vivo 6, a metal-clad mid-ranger that launched on Black Friday at a special price. Now you’ll be able to pick up the Vivo 6 for its discounted price of £184.99, down from the standard £239.99. The “rose gold” model is back ordered to December 2, while the regular “gold” is showing as available for delivery on November 30.

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Cyber Monday deal: Get the unlocked Motorola Moto Z with $200 off from Amazon

Didn’t get all you needed on Black Friday? Not to worry, Cyber Monday is here with a great smartphone offer. The unlocked Motorola Moto Z is currently available on Amazon with a hefty discount. If you too like Motorola, then this is the right time to acquire this high-end device. The Moto Z was previously