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Introducing Ask Daniel, the most caffeinated place to get your questions answered!

AC’s Managing Editor answers your questions in a new forum!

Everyone has a story. How they got where they are, and what they want to do next. I have been very lucky to be able to do a lot of wonderful and interesting things in my life, and it’s a privilege to be able to write for a living, turning some of those experiences into narratives.

The humble editor and his favorite t-shirt.

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Catch AC’s Daniel and Florence on this week’s All About Android!

Catch up with our friends at AAA!

We love our podcasts here at Android Central, but sometimes it’s great to be invited to spend time with some great friends. That’s what happened last night when I joined Jason Howell, Ron Richards, and our own Florence Ion, who moonlights as a TWIT host on Tuesdays, for All About Android.

I love being on this show — I think this is my fifth or sixth time in the  [Read More…]