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How to enable dark mode in WhatsApp for Android

One of the most requested features in WhatsApp over the last couple of years has been dark mode. It is finally available on Android — you can now manually set dark mode for WhatsApp, or have the app match the system theme automatically. Here’s how you can get started with dark mode on WhatsApp for Android.

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Facebook is expanding its dark mode tests on Android

More and more people are seeing the feature on their phones.

What you need to know Dark mode for the Facebook app on Android has been under development since at least August 2019. While the company has been tinkering with the feature for a while, the tests seem to have picked up pace as of late. WhatsApp Beta users also their taste of dark mode this week.

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Facebook’s redesigned web interface with Dark Mode support rolling out

It will launch fully in the Spring, and right now a small handful of users can test “The New Facebook.”

What you need to know Facebook is beginning to roll out its redesigned web interface. The new-look was announced in April and features a cleaner design and a Dark Mode This is only for desktop Facebook, it’s coming in the Spring, and right now a small percentage of people can test out the design.

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The two sides of Google’s Fitbit acquisition, equally dark

There are 28 million active Fitbit users, a number that CEO James Park recently said he is pretty proud of — not necessarily for the number itself, which is considerable in the wearables space, but for the number that stay loyal to the Fitbit brand.

If you look at the market overhead, though, you’ll notice a distinct trend over the past few quarters: Apple leads the way in terms of volume and market share, while companies you didn’t  [Read More…]

Diablo IV has been revealed with a dark new trailer

By three they come.

At BlizzCon 2019, Blizzard revealed the long-awaited Diablo IV, latest in the series of top-down, demon-obliterating games. Diablo IV is a sort of return to form for the series, with art and styles that longtime fans will appreciate. Blizzard stated that the game is a world of gore, occultism, and horror, where victories are never clean or guaranteed.

What is Diablo IV?

Diablo IV is the long-anticipated sequel to Diablo III, which first  [Read More…]

Chrome 78 rolling out with new customization features, forced dark mode

It will take a few weeks before Chrome 78 becomes available on Google Play for everyone.

What you need to know Google has released Chrome 78 for Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, and iOS. The latest release adds a dark theme for Chrome menus, settings, and surfaces. On Mac, Windows and Linux, Chrome 78 adds new customization options and a “click-to-call” feature.

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Say hello to Dark Mode on Android Central!

I’m so excited to announce that dark mode is now available on Android Central. We heard your pleas to turn down the lights and we’ve taken that to heart. It took a lot of work to make it happen, but now we’re thrilled to offer dark mode — and light mode — to whoever wants it!

Here’s how it works:

On iOS 13+, Windows 10, Android 10+, and macOS 10.14+, we’ll see if your device is in dark  [Read More…]

Twitter finally got around to bringing Dark Mode to Android — kind of

What you need to know Twitter already has a dark mode, which features a dark blue background. ‘Lights Out’ mode brings a truly dark experience to the app. It can help extend your OLED phone’s battery life.

It’s called ‘Lights Out’

iPhone apps sometimes get features months before their Android counterparts, and lamentably so. Even the most prominent companies are not spared from this at times. Case in point: almost seven months after Twitter made a new  [Read More…]

Google Maps dark mode teased on the Android Instagram page

It’s been a long time coming, but it looks like dark mode for all apps is nearly upon us.

What you need to know Dark mode will automatically change the app theme when enabled in Android 10. Google Maps is getting a new dark mode that’s darker than the current night mode. Chrome dark mode could be finalized soon, if this teaser is any indication.

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The Play Store’s dark theme now works on Samsung phones running Android Pie

It’s rolling out now as a server-side update.

What you need to know Samsung’s One UI night mode will automatically enable the Google Play Store dark theme. The Google Play Store is one of the few apps that only support system-level automatic theme switching. Google needs to flip the switch on the server-side for this to happen, so you may need to be patient.

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