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Google Maps dark mode teased on the Android Instagram page

It’s been a long time coming, but it looks like dark mode for all apps is nearly upon us.

What you need to know Dark mode will automatically change the app theme when enabled in Android 10. Google Maps is getting a new dark mode that’s darker than the current night mode. Chrome dark mode could be finalized soon, if this teaser is any indication.

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The Play Store’s dark theme now works on Samsung phones running Android Pie

It’s rolling out now as a server-side update.

What you need to know Samsung’s One UI night mode will automatically enable the Google Play Store dark theme. The Google Play Store is one of the few apps that only support system-level automatic theme switching. Google needs to flip the switch on the server-side for this to happen, so you may need to be patient.

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Instagram dark mode is now available on Android 10 devices

Users will have to toggle on Android 10’s system-wide dark theme to enable Instagram’s new dark mode.

What you need to know Instagram users can now enable dark mode on iOS 13 or Android 10 devices. The dark mode option will be enabled automatically if you have the system-wide dark mode toggled on. There is no word yet on when the dark mode feature will be available on devices running older versions of Android.

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Testing face recognition on dark skin isn’t a bad thing when done right

No matter how you approach it, the subject is going to be a touchy one. Being deceitful and dumb about how you do it isn’t helping here, Google.

It’s no secret that using any sort of software that does more than a cursory “look” at people has issues when used by a person of color. Microsoft had issues with the Kinect and even a simple heart-rate sensor on your smartwatch can struggle here. Google is trying to  [Read More…]

Duo and Google Play Books are the next to get dark themes

Rolling out via a server-side switch.

What you need to know Dark themes are rolling out to both Google Duo and Google Play Books. Both apps will follow the system-wide theme and Duo also includes a manual toggle in the settings. The dark themes have been spotted on version 5.4 of Google Play Books and v63 of Duo.

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Apple Music for Android gets dark mode and Chromecast support

What you need to know Apple Music for Android is rolling out support for two major features with the latest update. The first is support for Android’s system-wide dark mode The second is the long-awaited support for Chromecast.

Apple Music on Android is getting much more useful.

Apple Music for Android is getting two big features with the latest update: dark mode and Chromecast support.

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Modern Warfare campaign trailer sets a dark tone

What you need to know Call of Duty released a new trailer for Modern Warfare. It shows off the campaign for the game. It looks as dark as they said.

We’ve been expecting the campaign trailer for Modern Warfare from Infinity Ward for a while now at today we got our first look.

The trailer shows Captain Price talking to assorted characters in the game, including Middle Eastern freedom fighters, while bad things happen all around him.

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Gmail joins the dark side, dark theme now rolling out for Android and iOS

It could take up to 15 days to start showing up.

What you need to know Google has announced the dark theme for Gmail is officially rolling out starting September 24. It will be available on both Android and iOS. The rollout is being done on the server-side and could take up to 15 days to show up.

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Google app and Google Assistant dark mode finally begins rolling out

This is the second time that Google is rolling out a dark theme for the Google app.

What you need to know The dark theme for the Google app and Google Assistant has started rolling out. Google is enabling the dark theme for select users via a server-side update currently, so it will take some time for it to become widely available. Google Podcasts hasn’t been updated with the dark theme yet.

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Google is finally rolling out a dark mode for the Play Store

It may take a while before the Play Store dark mode is rolled out to everyone.

What you need to know Google has finally started rolling out a dark theme for the Play Store. Similar to the new dark theme for Gmail, Play Store’s dark theme is a dark grey. For now, the Play Store dark theme appears to be rolling out only to a small number of users via a server-side test.

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