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How to transfer data from your old Android phone to your new one

When it’s time to switch from your older Android phone to a new one, you’ll want to make sure all of your data makes it way across safely. Thankfully, Google makes it extremely convenient to migrate your texts, call logs, contacts, music, and photos over to your new phone seamlessly.

How to back up data on your old Android phone

You’ll need to make sure that all the relevant data on your old phone is backed up to  [Read More…]

Fix corrupted PS4 games and data — here’s how

As nice of a console as the PlayStation 4 is, it can have the same issues that plague any electronics system. Corrupted data can seem like an especially scary problem for the PS4 because it has a closed case that doesn’t allow much for tinkering. Thankfully, you aren’t entirely out of luck when things start going sideways.

Products used in this guide Protect your game saves: PlayStation Plus 12-Month Subscription ($ 60 at Amazon) Corrupted Game

The most  [Read More…]

Stop overpaying for data you never use — try Ting instead!

You have enough worries, so how much your phone bill is going to cost this month shouldn’t be one of them. That’s the idea behind Ting Mobile, a mobile phone carrier that’s doing things differently. If you’ve ever complained about how little control you have over your monthly cell phone bill, Ting Mobile could be perfect for you.

We all know that unlimited isn’t really a thing. If it were, wireless carriers wouldn’t offer so many plans with so-called  [Read More…]

Google is collecting healthcare data because it can and ‘everybody’ does it

Big Tech wants a chunk of the healthcare market, and current laws allow it. Even when it’s Google.

The Wall Street Journal dropped a “bombshell” story about Google partnering with a healthcare network to collect and analyze data. Except, it’s not a bombshell because it’s the standard operating procedure, and Google has decided to become part of it.

The details sound really juicy. Ascension patients across 21 states have had their healthcare records shared with Google, and  [Read More…]

Google was allegedly collecting millions of Americans’ healthcare data

The data pertains to Ascension patients across 21 states, who were unaware of the arrangement.

What you need to know Google has reportedly been siphoning data from Ascension since the last year. The data shared includes lab results, diagnoses, hospitalization records, and personal information. Patients were not informed of the data-sharing agreement, though Google claims the initiative is fully compliant with federal law.

If Google’s recent decision to acquire Fitbit has you in knots, your anxiety about  [Read More…]

AT&T will pay $60 million after hiding data throttling

If you thought you got unlimited data, now you’ll get money instead

What you need to know The FTC sued AT&T for misleading customers with “unlimited” data plans. AT&T and the FTC settled for $ 60 million. Customers who had an AT&T “unlimited” plan will get a refund.

When AT&T sold “unlimited” data plans to customers from 2011 to 2014, it failed to properly inform them of the limitations and data caps, according to a lawsuit filed  [Read More…]

Google’s buying Fitbit: Here’s what happens to your Fitbit data

We don’t know exactly how Google and Fitbit will integrate, but what happens to your Fitbit data has already been addressed.

Google announcing that it has bought Fitbit (pending approval by the right regulatory agencies) leaves us with plenty of questions about how the two companies will operate, or even if Fitbit still remains as more than a brand name. But for many of us the biggest question is what happens to all the data we have  [Read More…]

NordVPN fesses up to data center breach, insists network is ‘still safe’

The breach occurred in March 2018.

What you need to know NordVPN is one of the most popular virtual private network service providers. One of its data centers was breached back in March of 2018, the company recently admitted. It claims no user activity logs or credentials were compromised.

A Finnish data center hosting NordVPN servers was breached early last year, the company admitted in a blog post earlier today.

It fingered a remote management system used  [Read More…]

Stadia won’t let you play games over mobile data on your Pixels

You won’t be able to play Stadia on your Pixel phone without a Wi-Fi connection.

What you need to know Google has confirmed Stadia will require a Wi-Fi connection at launch, even on Pixel phones. The Stadia support page notes the game streaming service requires “a reliable internet connection (10 Mbps or greater is recommended).” Stadia will only work with the Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 3a, Pixel 3a XL, Pixel  [Read More…]

Instagram improves controls for sharing data with third-party apps

Take control of your privacy.

What you need to know Instagram plans to update its app to give users more control over third-party data sharing Users will have the option to remove third-party services they don’t want connected to their account. Will also update the authorization screen shown when an app requests data.

Instagram has announced plans to update its app to give users more control over data that they share with third-party apps. In a recent  [Read More…]