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Stop hoarding data you’ll never use, slip into freedom with US Mobile

Sometimes simple is better. Take your wireless carrier, for example.

Have you ever looked at your phone bill? I mean really, really took a good, hard look at it?

How much data are you using? Do you actually talk to people on the phone? If you wanted, could you change your plan on the fly? Truth is, almost everyone has most likely been with their current carrier for years and never paid attention to how much (or how  [Read More…]

Vice reveals BlackVue dashcam GPS data was available in real time

“One script could collect the location data of every BlackVue user who had mapping enabled on the eastern half of the United States every two minutes.”

What you need to know Vice tech outlet Motherboard was able to pull GPS location data for BlackVue users. It reverse-engineered the iOS app and tracked users over a week-long period. BlackVue has confirmed that this wasn’t supposed to be possible and appears to have fixed the problem.

A report has  [Read More…]

Is US Mobile’s unlimited data a better value than Mint Mobile?

Single-line, multi-month Mint Mobile

From $ 15/month at Mint Mobile

Pros Unlimited talk and text on all plans T-Mobile LTE Upgrade plan at any time Hotspot on all plans International calling and texting Cons Must buy in bulk No multi-line perks

Mint Mobile offers a great value to people that are willing to buy mobile phone service in bulk. With three data tiers in 3GB, 8GB, or 12GB packages, Mint Mobile has a plan that should  [Read More…]

Samsung Pay now lets you opt-out of selling your data to third parties

It’s only confirmed to be working in the U.S. as of now.

What you need to know Samsung Pay users in the U.S. can now opt-out of having their data sold to third-parties. The new setting appeared in the app after the California Consumer Privacy Act took effect on January 1, 2020. With “Do Not Sell” enabled, it could cause some features to cease working in the app.

If you’ve opened Samsung Pay recently, you might have  [Read More…]

Mint Mobile makes more sense than Ting if you need data

Plan ahead Mint Mobile

From $ 15 per month at Mint Mobile

Pros Lots of data Unlimited calls and texts Compatible with most phones Discounts in bulk Cons Must buy in bulk Only one network

Buy in bulk to save money for service on T-Mobile’s network with Mint Mobile. Buy service with data in 3GB, 8GB, or 12GB chunks per month and save more when you buy more months in advance. Calls and texts are unlimited,  [Read More…]

Wyze allegedly suffers data breach, logs out all users as a safe measure

The breach was not responsibly disclosed and remains unconfirmed.

What you need to know Wyze’s database was allegedly publicly exposed to the Internet, a breach reported by a security blog. Wyze has yet to confirm the breach but has signed out all users as a security measure. The breach was not reported in a responsible manner and leaves several questions surrounding its validity.

Wyze, the maker of affordable home security products, has allegedly suffered a data breach  [Read More…]

Roughly 4,000 Ring users just had their data leaked

Ring screws up yet again.

What you need to know The credentials and user data of 3,600 cameras have been leaked online. This includes log-in emails, passwords, and camera nicknames. An additional cache belonging to 1,500 users have also been discovered for sale on the dark web. It’s not yet clear whether these are from the same data set or if it’s an additional leak.

Smart home security firm, Ring has been caught in a cycle of  [Read More…]

Massive leak leaves 267 million Facebook users’ data exposed

The leaked information included Facebook IDs, phone numbers, and real names.

What you need to know A massive data leak affecting 267 million Facebook users was publicized this week. The database was exposed on the internet and accessible without any authentication or password requirements. It contained users’ IDs, phone numbers, and real names.

While Facebook’s busy making its own OS, millions of the company’s users’ data has been leaked, thanks to one of the largest data leaks  [Read More…]

Google has fixed the Chrome 79 bug, says user data was not lost

Developers don’t need to make any changes; the update should resolve all issues and recover any ‘lost’ data on its own.

What you need to know A bug with Chrome for WebView had caused Google to stall the Chrome 79 update on Android. Google has now clarified that user data was not lost; it was simply not visible to apps. The company has fixed the issue and resumed the update. All problems should be fixed once the  [Read More…]

Chrome 79 update paused after causing users to lose data in some apps

Bug affects third-party apps that use Chrome for WebView.

What you need to know Chrome 79 has paused its rollout after a bug that caused users to lose data in third-party apps. It’s possible third-party apps that used Chrome to display webpages could have signed you out or lost your data. The Chromium team is aware of the issue and is weighing options on how to best fix it.

Did one of your apps randomly log you  [Read More…]