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Deal: Unlimited Calls, Text and 2GB of 4G LTE data for $11.67 per month

Right now, Mint SIM has an amazing deal on high-speed 4G LTE data in the U.S.!

In the U.S., between the Big Four carriers, it’s become a game of race to the top — with that top being unlimited data.

But most people don’t need unlimited data. In fact, most Americans don’t use more than a couple of gigabytes per month, and even the top percentage rarely go over 10GB. 1

That’s why Mint SIM is such  [Read More…]

How-To enable Data Save in your Chrome app

With all the buzz about companies giving “unlimited” data with their plans, it seems that a lot of people and sites have forgotten about data management. For those users who still choose to save money and go with lesser data plans, Chome has you covered with its Data Saver option. For additional information about what […]

AT&T adds unlimited data option for prepaid GoPhone customers

Get unlimited data for your AT&T GoPhone!

AT&T prepaid GoPhone customers who are sick and tired of having to manage their data usage have a new option. AT&T is now offering an unlimited data GoPhone plan for only $ 60 a month, after you sign up for AutoPay. This unlimited data is available even when you’re travelling to Canada or Mexico, which is pretty great.

However, the unlimited does come with a caveat: data rates are limited  [Read More…]

T-Mobile upgrades LTE data cap to 30GB

Most major carriers in the US offer an Unlimited plan option. But “unlimited” in carrier language actually spells limited with carrier implementing thresholds, which when being reached translate into de-prioritization of your device. In case you are not aware, Verizon’s Unlimited plan caps out at 22GB just like AT&T’s, while Sprint’s is a bit more […]

These are the cheapest data plans you can buy in the U.S.

Wondering where to go to save a couple of bucks on a data package? We can help.

There are so many different data plans offered by both the “Big Four” major carriers, but usually, the cheapest tier is not even worth its price when you factor in things like taxes and monthly device activation fees. To that end, you might consider a smaller carrier or an MVNO — known to some as “alternative carriers” — which typically  [Read More…]

Android N gives you even more ways to save cellular data

Data Saver mode is a new feature that lets you easily lock down certain apps’ data consumption when you’re away from Wi-Fi.

Update, March 2017: Updated with the latest information and changes.

While Android has long been able to restrict certain apps’ access to background data on a cellular connection, Android N adds a new feature that makes it easier to cut down on your data consumption when necessary.

Data Saver is a new  [Read More…]

Verizon reveals new unlimited data plan

Unlimited data plans are back at big red, and the prices don’t suck.

Verizon took the wraps off of a new data plan that gives customers unlimited data, talk, and text for $ 80 on a single line. Four lines can all get the same unlimited deal for $ 45 per line.

Of course, they mean alternate-unlimited like every other carrier does and you might get throttled at 22GB. We’re told it shouldn’t happen often, though.

On  [Read More…]

Keeping your data safe and private while you travel across borders is a lot of work

The things you may need to do to protect your privacy in today’s world is interesting and terrifying at the same time.

One interesting byproduct of a shift in the U.S. executive branch’s stance on border safety is seeing people actually concerned about their privacy and data safety when they need to cross those borders. No matter where you stand on the current administration’s ideas and potential policy changes (and this isn’t the place to argue those)  [Read More…]

Sprint’s limited time promo offers five lines of unlimited data for $90

Sprint today announced a new promotion which gives customers up to five lines of service for $ 90 per month. The plan includes unlimited talk, text, and data. As one might suspect, this is a limited-time offering; the promotional rate only lasts a little over one year. If interested, here’s how one goes about taking advantage […]

MintSIM is the best way to get cheap data in the U.S.

An introduction to alternate mobile service providers in the U.S., and to the awesomeness that is MintSIM.

A lot of my job involves issuing recommendations to people: favorite phone, favorite speaker, favorite coffee maker. While it’s relatively easy to list off the benefits of products you can hold in your hand, it’s less easy to recommend mobile carriers. There are so many factors that go into deciding which carrier to sign up for — location, budget, and  [Read More…]