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How to back up the data on your Galaxy Note 7 before returning it for recall

You’ll need to switch phones when you turn in your recalled Note 7, but you can still keep your stuff.

If you’re going to be taking advantage of Samsung’s voluntary recall for the Note 7 (and you should) you probably want to keep a few things stored on it. Besides the obvious — things like your address book or email — you likely have pictures, music, and other important stuff on the thing. You don’t have  [Read More…]

AG deal of the day: The ultimate PC data security suite bundle for just $20

Data security has never been as essential as in this day of advanced hacking and phishing techniques. We read stories almost daily about data breaches, identity theft, and a wide variety of other stories about security threats. Almost all people think they’re safe as long as they avoid the “bad” websites, but hackers and criminals find

Verizon data speeds now twice as fast for most of the US

Verizon customers should be on the lookout for faster data speeds, according to the wireless service provider. Today finds Verizon announcing that some 460+ markets are getting LTE Advanced coverage to the tune of 50% faster data connections. Indeed, roughly 288 million POPs, or approximately 90% of the US, are able to take advantage of

Legacy unlimited AT&T data plans aren’t worth the high cost

When the first iPhone was released almost a decade ago it was exclusive to AT&T Wireless. It was also the first time that AT&T created an Unlimited Data Plan to help iPhone users cut costs on limited data plans. The Unlimited Data Plan used to cost $ 30, and was increased to $ 35 earlier this year. Unlike

Android Nougat now has option to transfer data from iOS during setup

When a person switches from iOS to Android, they probably want to take all of their information with them. Investing in an ecosystem makes it tough to switch, but many companies have made this easier. Motorola, HTC, and other phone makers have added iOS import options to the setup screen for years.

Now it’s Google’s turn (finally). Android 7.0 Nougat now has an option to migrate data from an iOS device when setting up a fresh device. This is a great  [Read More…]

AT&T ditches monthly overages for reduced data speeds

AT&T has announced that the carrier will be ending overage charges in favor of reduced data speeds once you’ve used your allotment. The carrier will offer plans ranging from 1GB to 200GB of high-speed data so you can pick the correct amount for what you use. Some customers will actually get more data in their allotment under the new plans without paying any more money. Instead of charging per gigabyte, AT&T is offering on some plans to bump up your  [Read More…]

Unlimited data for all! T-Mobile does away with tiered data plans

In a move characteristic of the Uncarrier, T-Mobile is shaking up the mobile industry again. John Legere took to Instagram for a surprise Uncarrier 12 announcement where the carrier said it will do away with tiered data, but there are some catches. The new plan will be called T-Mobile ONE and the first line will

T-Mobile gives all plans unlimited data in latest Uncarrier move

What is Uncarrier 12 and why is T-Mobile offering unlimited data?

T-Mobile’s latest Uncarrier move is less about thanking you and more about increasing its monthly revenue.

The company has announced that it is moving all postpaid plans to a so-called T-Mobile One scheme, getting rid of data buckets in favor of a single account type that includes unlimited, calls, text, and data, along with all the other Uncarrier benefits previously announced such as low-cost roaming, weekly perks, and  [Read More…]

AT&T plays catchup with new data plans

Over the past year, AT&T has been feeling the competition within the mobile space. We have seen and reported on the reintroduction of its unlimited data plans, BOGO programs, data increases for GoPhone plans, and extended coverage outside of the US. AT&T now seeks to simplify the rest of its data structure and eliminate data overages with its

High-speed wireless network are everywhere, but the U.S. is way behind on data speeds

The U.S. lags behind many countries in terms of data rates, but a rising tide has lifted worldwide access and speeds.

If you live in any sort of relatively populated area around the world, chances are you have access to a solid LTE or at least 3G connection. High-speed mobile networks are practically ubiquitous, but that doesn’t mean the experience is anywhere near the same around the world. Data from OpenSignal’s latest State of Mobile Networks report backs up  [Read More…]