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Sprint’s latest plans offer double the data of Verizon plans for the same price

Sprint has introduced a new set of plans, dubbed the Better Choice Plans, which take aim at Verizon’s S, M, L, XL and XXL buckets, but offer double the data for the same price. The carrier has run numerous promotions in the past to get customers to switch to its network, like slashing monthly bills in half, but this is a great way for customers to get large data buckets at a more affordable price.

Sprint’s  [Read More…]

Keep your data encrypted and private with a Lifetime Subscription to VPN Unlimited

Let’s say you’re hanging out at your local Starbucks, using their free Wi-Fi. You come across something you want to purchase, so you input your credit card information, and get yourself something awesome. A few days later, you look at your bank statement, and realize that there’s quite a few more charges on there, and at places you’ve never been to or heard of. Unless, you just handed over your credit card info to someone, the chances are that your  [Read More…]

Verizon will throw in 2GB of free data if you upgrade on their XL or XXL data plans

Verizon is once again offering an additional 2GB of data per line when adding or upgrading a device to an XL or larger data bucket. In order to get the free data, which is good for the lifetime of your account, you need to be on Verizon’s XL or XXL data buckets. The XL plan comes with 12GB of shareable data, while the XXL bumps it up to 18GB. For each line that you add, or upgrade  [Read More…]

Verizon revives 2GB free data promo for heavier users


Verizon on Monday confirmed it has brought back its 2GB bonus data promotion for users on the XL and XXL plans. Available immediately, both new and existing customers on the 12GB and 18GB data plans will receive extra data each month.

The way it works is pretty simple: all phone lines on either of the two plans receive 2GB of data per month. Sharing across 5 lines? That’s 10GB of extra data  [Read More…]

Blur: Online protection for all your data (review)

Think for a moment about how many accounts you have in different websites. Each of these services have, at least, your name, email address and password. It’s even worse when you are dealing with e-commerce, where you also have to relinquish credit card information and phone numbers. In a world where you are constantly giving away your data to third-parties without real knowledge of their security standards, there’s a real need for solutions like Blur, a freemium service that aims to better control the data  [Read More…]

Sprint makes its unlimited LTE data plans more affordable for families

Sprint has announced some affordable plans for those who are seeking unlimited data. From February 12, for a limited time only, customers will be able to get unlimited call time, SMS and high-speed data for $ 37.50 per line (when selecting two or more), saving a family of four up to $ 360 each year. Prior to the discount, each line would set you back $ 45. This will enable each of the four family members to  [Read More…]

Android’s new People API helps developers more easily tap into contact data

Google has introduced a new API for developers to take advantage of: the People API. The purpose of the People API is to simplify gathering information about a user’s contacts once they have given permission. As Google points out in its announcement post, the People API essentially condenses the current process of tapping into two different APIs (Google + and Contacts) for the same information.

Previously, developers had to make multiple calls to the Google+ API for  [Read More…]

Verizon’s go90 app will let you watch video over LTE without impacting your data allowance

Once upon a time, unlimited data was a thing that was offered by all the carriers. Now that’s all changed, and many carriers offer either data allowances every month or “unlimited data” that’ll slow you down after you consume a certain amount of data. While it still exists at some carriers, the biggest wireless operators seemed all too willing to ditch the unlimited schtick as soon as they could.

Even T-Mobile, which offers unlimited data, only some which is at its highest speeds, has  [Read More…]

Review: Data Boy is a proficient, all-in-one USB tool

There are sure some awesome tech gadgets out here on the Internet. Be it some super crazy invention, or a device that does some magic, you can never NOT be surprised by what comes out. When I saw the DECEC Data Boy, it quickly fell into the “must check out” category. There is really no specific function or title for Data Boy, as it is several things at once. Think of it as the tech version of the Swiss Army  [Read More…]

T-Mobile deal offers up free tablet with qualifying data plans

T-Mobile is gearing up for Valentine’s Day by offering customers a free tablet, the Alcatel OneTouch Pixie 7, when they sign up for a “qualifying tablet data plan” starting today, February 5. While buyers won’t pay anything for the tablet itself, however, they will be on the hook for any sales tax — and a data plan to go along with it.

The regular price of the tablet is $ 168, or $ 7 per month for  [Read More…]