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All the Exotics in Dauntless and how to get them

Having unique items in MMO’s is important and the Dauntless exotics are pretty great.

Tired of looking like everyone else in Ramsgate? You too can look unique with these powerful new Exotics in the world of Dauntless! That’s my salesman pitch for Exotics and why you might want them. Exotic armor and weapons have a few main reasons to exist; Power level, special abilities, and a unique look are the main three, but they are never easy  [Read More…]

All the armor sets for Dauntless on PlayStation 4

Stay well protected in the fight, and seize the opportunity to look cool.

Dauntless, a new co-op monster hunting title on PlayStation 4, has a ton of different armor sets to chase as you attempt to kill Behemoths for their loot. If you’re looking to get your hands on the different types of armor in the game, I’ve got you covered with a list that covers every set in Dauntless, how to get it, and what the  [Read More…]

Here are all the Behemoths you can fight in Dauntless

Dauntless has plenty of different Behemoth creatures to hunt. Here’s a list of every one in the game so far.

Dauntless, a new monster slaying co-op game on PS4, has tons of different beasts in it to hunt for loot, glory, and bragging rights. These creatures are called Behemoths, and there’s a lot of them. If you’re looking to get an idea of what you’re going to go up against on the battlefield, we’ve got you covered.  [Read More…]

Dauntless for PlayStation 4: Top tips and tricks to help you get ahead

Use your wits and skill to your advantage.

Fighting Behemoths more difficult than you anticipated? We’ve got a few tips and tricks to help you conquer any monsters you come across along the Shattered Isles. Just remember to go in prepared and you and your team should make quick work. And don’t worry if you do fail a mission, because there aren’t any penalties.

Free-to-play Dauntless

Free at PlayStation

Take down monstrous Behemoths with  [Read More…]

What’s the best weapon for solo games in Dauntless on PlayStation 4?

Dauntless is meant to be played with a team, but that’s not always possible.

Even though Dauntless, a new free-to-play cooperative monster slaying game, strongly encourages you to play with a group of other players, you may eventually find yourself in combat with a Behemoth without any allies to back you up. If this happens, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve got the right weapon for the job. Here’s what that weapon is, and also why  [Read More…]

All the weapons for Dauntless on PlayStation 4

Dauntless, a brand new (and free) monster-slaying title, gives you a solid handful of different weapons to use, learn, and master during your never-ending quest to kill as many Behemoth monsters as possible for loot and glory. Here’s our guide to each of the six different weapons and what their strengths and weaknesses are, as well as some tips for how to use them effectively.

Slay the beasts Dauntless

Free at PlayStation

Hunt, forge, craft,  [Read More…]

How damage types and elements work in Dauntless on PS4

Here’s everything you need to know about damage types and elements in order to improve your slaying power.

Dauntless might seem like a simplistic hack-and-slash monster slaying game at a glance, but once you get into it, there’s a surprising amount of complexity to how its combat systems work. Two very important mechanics in Dauntless are damage types and elemental effects, which both have a huge impact on how effectively you can deal — and take —  [Read More…]

You don’t need PlayStation Plus to play Dauntless

Best answer: No, you do not need a PlayStation Plus subscription to play Dauntless on PS4. It is a free-to-play game with free cross-play and online play.

Monster Hunter-lite: Dauntless (Free at PlayStation) PS Plus exclusive: Dauntless Model P Weapon Pack (Free at PlayStation) Try it out: PlayStation Plus Membership (From $ 10 at Amazon) Does not having a PS Plus membership affect its cross-play support?

No. As long as you have a PlayStation Network account and  [Read More…]

Everything you need to know about Dauntless for PlayStation 4

Slay the Behemoth and wear its corpse as a hat. That’s the game.

If you have been playing games this past year, you likely know who Epic Games are. They made the most famous game around right now, Fortnite. Well, Epic has teamed up with Phoenix Labs out of Vancouver to create a free-to-play RPG based on the Monster Hunter style of gameplay called Dauntless.

Free-to-play fun Dauntless

Free at PlayStation

Take down monstrous  [Read More…]