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Master AI with a Machine Learning bundle for less than $20 (Deal of the Day)

The beauty of the internet is you almost have virtual access to any information you want at the tips of your fingers. The days of education being offered solely at physical locations are far behind us; today’s Deal of the Day is one for growing your skills and readying yourself for the long-term. And, as […]

These BK SPORT wireless earbuds are only $16.99 right now (Deal of the Day)

Wireless earbuds have become pretty popular as of late, especially with some phone makers opting to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack. Up for your consideration today is a set of Bluetooth, tangle-free earbuds on sale to the sweet tune of $ 16.99. Indeed, the BK SPORT are discounted by a whopping 66% off. About These wireless earbuds can fare […]

Jump-start your career in app development with the Ultimate Android N bundle (Deal of the Day)

As Android approaches its 10th anniversary this year, there’s no sign that the platform is slowing. In fact, given that it’s spreading deeper into wearables and connected devices, things look rosy for Google’s beloved OS. In that time, we’ve found that many have gone from being casual gamers or users to push things to new […]

Ethical Hacking Bundle arms you against security threats for less than $25 (Deal of the Day)

It’s pretty hard to watch television or browse the internet without hearing about the looming threats or impacts of hacking. Whether it’s Trump, Russia, and the US elections, or someone trying to remotely break into your corporate computer system, hacking is everywhere. For all of the scary stuff that comes with the idea of hacking, […]

iON Home HD WiFi Home Camera only $39.99 (Deal of the Day)

Security cameras for the home aren’t exactly new concept, but Wi-Fi connected models are slowly becoming popular. Moreover, they are also getting less expensive, too. Indeed, it does not cost all that much to outfit your home office with a number of cameras so that you can keep an eye on them remotely. Our Deal […]

This $24 wireless charger is 80% faster than your old one (Deal of the Day)

Have you recently found yourself the proud owner of a new Samsung Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge? Thinking about picking up something new over the next few months? Chances are very good that whatever you end up with is capable of wireless charging. Indeed, it is; many of the last few generations of Samsung […]

Pre-order the Keezel portable online security solution (Deal of the Day)

With all of this talk about leaks, cyber-security, and hacking, you’d be wise to want to put your guard up. For some of us this means making smarter decisions about where we go and what we do online. For others, it’s shielding themselves behind a VPN client. Today’s Deal of the Day takes things even further. […]

Fidget away! Snag a stress block for $14.99 (Deal of the Day)

When you were young, you had Silly Putty or Legos. Pick either of those up and you’d find your mind would ease up and you could focus. Now that you’re older, though, we might need something a little different to relieve stress. Our Deal of the Day is a portable fidget designed to help you […]

Back that thing up: Lifetime of iDrive unlimited encrypted mobile backup only $19.99 (Deal of the Day)

Imagine the horror of a bricked or water-damaged phone and the sudden realization that all of your valuable photos, contacts, and sensitive information are drifting away in the digital wind. We think that years worth of collected data is invaluable. Luckily for you, iDrive does, too. Our Deal of the Day aims to put your […]

How to deal with severe battery drain on Gear VR

Severe battery drain means you can’t spend nearly enough time in VR, but there is a quick fix to get you back on track.

After charging up your phone, you probably expect to be able to enjoy a solid hour or more playing your Gear VR. However, a pretty seriously irritating process has been cropping up for a lot of people. After you plug your phone into Gear VR, the headset is causing serious, and severe battery  [Read More…]