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Deal: Get the Moto Z Play and its amazing battery for $324.99, the lowest price ever!

It’s a love affair that won’t end. Get the Moto Z Play for just $ 324.99 right now!

It may be almost a year old, but the Moto Z Play still feels as fresh as ever — especially now that it’s getting updated to Android 7.1.1. And even though there’s a sequel out, the OG is still king thanks to its 3510mAh battery that lasts all day and then some. There’s also plenty of power, including a Snapdragon 625  [Read More…]

Deal: Get the Sony Xperia XZ Premium for $100 off!

Sony’s latest flagship is on sale for $ 100 off.

Sony’s Xperia XZ Premium is a great phone that is a bit on the spendy side. Andrew noted in his review of the device that, at the suggested retail price of $ 799, there are a few major compromises that keep the phone from being universally recommended. Other phones in the price range offer better cameras, similar specifications and, most importantly, a fingerprint sensor.

For a limited  [Read More…]

Ockel Sirius B: Windows 10 computer in your pocket for $189 (Deal of the Day)

As much as we love Android and its continually expanding capabilities, sometimes we need a different platform to serve our needs. If you’re a student or work in an enterprise environment, chances are you might rely on Windows 10 or Office for your needs. Our Deal of the Day is a miniature computer that fits […]

Grab Xiaomi’s Mi IV Piston Earphones for only $11.99! (Promoted Deal)

If you’re anything like me, music rules your world around you. There’s almost no part of my day when I’m not listening to music. It affects my moods to such a degree that I know if I’m a little sad I can usually pop on some tunes and I’ll start to feel better pretty quickly. One […]

Snag a wireless charging pad for your smartphone for only $11.99 (Deal of the Day)

Have you recently found yourself the proud owner of a new Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus? Congratulations, we think you’ll love the phone! Did you know that it’s capable of wireless charging? Indeed, it is; many of the last few generations of Samsung devices are capable of being charged without a cord. It’s not just […]

Back to school shopping alert! Grab this great windows ultrabook for half off! (Promoted Deal)

Hello, friends. We’re back again today with another amazing deal. Technology has become an integral part of education in schools today. Almost every kid out there will be learning on computers and most likely will have one at home to do research or homework on. But damn, computers are expensive! If you’re looking to pick […]

Buy the Kodak 180° Panoramic HD WiFi Security Camera for only $59.99 (Deal of the Day)

Security cameras for the home aren’t exactly new concept, but Wi-Fi connected models are slowly becoming popular. Moreover, they are also getting less expensive, too. Indeed, it does not cost all that much to outfit your home office with a number of cameras so that you can keep an eye on them remotely. Our Deal […]

The $29 Premium PC Power Bundle: 10 apps to make you safer, smarter, more productive (Deal of the Day)

It’s spring which means it is time to get the lawn in order, clean out the home and garage, and generally get things together. Why not use the whole concept of spring cleaning and apply it to your computer? Our Deal of the Day is a bundle of top rated selling computer software. With ten potential titles in […]

Deal: Buy a Samsung Galaxy S8 from T-Mobile and get one free!

T-Mobile customers can buy one Galaxy S8 or S8+ and get a second one FREE!

If you’re a new or existing T-Mobile customer looking to get a Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+, we’ve got a deal for you! For a limited time, you can receive a BOGO rebate of $ 750 for two S8 phones or $ 800 for two S8+ phones — payable via prepaid MasterCard — in one of two ways:

New customers can purchase  [Read More…]

You can grab the great Xiaomi Redmi 4X for less than the price of a nice steak dinner right now at Light in the Box! (Promoted Deal)

Hello, friends. We’re back again with another amazing deal from Light in the Box. Today, we’re taking a look at an incredibly capable Xiaomi phone for less than $ 125. This massive sale is taking 66% off the list price of one of the best phones out there with a 5-inch display. Let’s take a look […]