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Enjoy a lifetime of secure, unrestricted WiFi with Zoog VPN (Deal of the Day)

Each time you use the Internet, your connection goes through a vast network of special infrastructure across the world in a matter of milliseconds. Ultimately, your computer is connected to your Internet Service Provider like AT&T or Spectrum, which is in turn connected to servers, and effectively the internet as a whole. Between all this, a […]

Celebrate Pi Day with a complete Raspberry Pi 3 training bundle for $19 (Deal of the Day)

It’s March 14, or what’s commonly referred to as Pi Day (3.14). To celebrate, we’re offering a fantastic bundle of training on Raspberry Pi. Worth more than $ 200 in total, this is a six-course kit that gives you 170 lessons available anytime you want — for life. Why Pi? The credit card-sized, next-gen microcomputer is an […]

Pay as little as you want for a Full Stack Web Development Bundle (Deal of the Day)

It has never been easier to teach yourself how to become a developer. Whether it’s mobile apps or something for the web, we’re in an age where having access to tools and teaching is only a mouse-click away. Our Deal of the Day speaks directly to the would-be web developer. Called the Full Stack Web Development Bundle, […]

Channel your inner rock star with this $10 Bluetooth shower speaker (Deal of the Day)

One thing we all do every day is take a shower or bath. Well, you should be taking one a day, you stinky thing. And, if you’re like us, at some point, you find yourself having a good day and invariably break out into tune. You sing in the shower, admit it. Our Deal of […]

Save 64% on these Grain Audio OEHP On-Ear Headphones (Deal of the Day)

The makers at Grain Audio have been quietly perfecting the art of pure, natural sound to deliver the OEHP On-Ear Headphones. These minimalist, solid wood headphones may look flat out amazing on the outside, but every audio elite knows that it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Each enclosure is paired with a proprietary driver […]

This $39 hacking bundle teaches you how to do it ethically (Deal of the Day)

It’s pretty hard to watch television or browse the internet without hearing about the looming threats or impacts of hacking. Whether it’s Trump, Russia, and the US elections, or someone trying to remotely break into your corporate computer system, hacking is everywhere. For all of the scary stuff that comes with the idea of hacking, […]

2TB of lifetime cloud storage only $49.99 (Deal of the Day)

Here’s a question for you: what do you do with all of your downloaded music, pictures, documents, and other media? Chances are good you are backing some of that up either automatically or manually. And, if you’re like a lot of Android users, you’re probably tapping into Google Drive for help. What happens, though, when […]

1Voice truly wireless Bluetooth earbuds only $59.99 (Deal of the Day)

Wireless headphones and earbuds are some of our favorite accessories. Once we’ve become accustomed to cutting the literal cord, it’s hard to go back to something that’s physically tethered. To us, Bluetooth is the way to go. Most Bluetooth earphones or earbuds still have some degree of a cord; they often need something to connect […]

A lifetime of anonymous, snoop-free browsing through OneVPN only $50 (Deal of the Day)

If you pay attention to cyber threats, you know they are more commonplace with every passing day. We employ thousands of government employees for the NSA and even they can’t keep our information secure from hackers. Hell, Russian hackers impacted the US election. These sort of threats are everywhere. One step you can take to […]

Hacking for National Security Training only $39 (Deal of the Day)

Learning to hack, ethically, is a necessity in today’s age of ever-growing digital threats. Learning the ropes of hacking can be the perfect leg up in sales or a counter-measure against cyber thieves. Did you know that you can become certified in hacking for the government? In the age of Russia interference, government leaks, and […]