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Samsung and PayPal strike deal for new in-store and online payment methods

You now have even more ways to pay.

Samsung is continuing to build partnerships to drive even more payments through Samsung Pay, adding PayPal support. Now you can make tap-to-pay purchases all over the U.S. and fund them with your PayPal balance, rather than adding your credit and debit cards individually to both services. You’ll still continue to earn rewards through Samsung Pay as well.

Even though PayPal actually has its own in-store purchasing system, it’s nowhere  [Read More…]

Samsung launches a new Buy One, Get One deal for Galaxy S8

Samsung would very much like it if you bought a Galaxy S8, and to help make it more attractive (like you’d need another reason to buy this year’s flagship of flagships, right?), the company has offered some buy one, get one deals.

Now Samsung’s got a new offer to convince would-be buyers to pull the trigger. This time around, you’ll need to buy your Galaxy S8 and trade-in an eligible device to get your free S8. You can trade in a Galaxy S6, a Galaxy S6 edge,  [Read More…]

Samsung’s latest Galaxy S8 BOGO deal scores you a free device with select trade-ins

Our friends at Thrifter are back again, this time with another Galaxy S8 BOGO deal from Samsung directly.

Samsung is back with another awesome Galaxy S8 promotion, this time offering a free one with a purchase of another if you trade-in your old device. The company recently ran an extremely popular deal like this for T-Mobile customers, but this time it works with devices for all carriers. This deal is only available on Samsung.com or through the Shop Samsung  [Read More…]

Have you had trouble with the $200 Galaxy S8 trade-in deal?

Earlier this summer, Samsung offered a $ 200 trade-in deal with the Galaxy S8. But it turns out not everything was as clear-cut as it appeared.

Back in May, Samsung started selling an unlocked version of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ on its e-commerce portal, and with it offered $ 200 towards the phone with a valid trade-in. The beauty of the deal was that Samsung didn’t (at least not on the surface) put a limit on what phones  [Read More…]

Nomad Leather Folio Wallet dresses up and protects your Samsung Galaxy S8 (Deal of the Day)

You’ve just finished eating dinner and you’re ready to go. A quick inventory check before getting up: phone, wallet, keys. You do this, right? Why not make it easier on yourself and combine the first two? If you own a Samsung Galaxy S8, then today’s Deal of the Day, the Nomad Leather Folio Wallet, is […]

How to deal with Connectivity Issues for Star Trek: Bridge Crew on PSVR

Network issues are a common part of online gaming. But you can take control of the situation.

One of the coolest parts of Star Trek: Bridge Crew is the ability to group up with 1-3 of your closest friends and manning the Bridge of the USS Aegis.But your fun can quickly grind to a halt if one of you is having lag or connectivity issues. Fortunately, we have some tips if you find yourself in this unenviable  [Read More…]

HMD inks deal to put Carl Zeiss optics on future Nokia smartphones

A rumor dating back to March claimed that future Nokia phones won’t come with Carl Zeiss lenses anymore. We loved products like the Nokia 808 and the Nokia Lumia 1020 with its 41-megapixel Zeiss sensor and with the prospect of a new Nokia flagship launching in 2017, the news was pretty disappointing. Well fortunately this […]

Xiaomi’s cross-licensing deal with Nokia sees both brands collaborating on VR and AI

Xiaomi enters into a landmark cross-licensing deal with Nokia.

Xiaomi signed a broad cross-licensing deal with Microsoft last year, and the Chinese manufacturer is now inking a similar agreement with Nokia. The deal will see both companies cross-licensing each other’s cellular standard essential patents, with Xiaomi also picking up an unspecified number of patents from Nokia.

The deal will benefit Xiaomi’s burgeoning Mi Ecosystem platform, which has clocked sales in excess of 60 million devices and  [Read More…]

Python Bootcamp 2.0 bundle offers 37+ hours of training for beginners (Deal of the Day)

Learning a new programming language can be pretty tough if you try to go it alone. Sure, there’s always YouTube videos and books to check out, but there’s something intrinsically valuable about having a coach or educator standing beside you. It’s easier than ever to learn how to create websites, tools, and robotic devices from […]

Degoo Ultimate: 2TB of lifetime backups for only $59.99 (Deal of the Day)

Here’s a question for you: what do you do with all of your downloaded music, pictures, documents, and other media? Chances are good you are backing some of that up either automatically or manually. And, if you’re like a lot of Android users, you’re probably tapping into Google Drive for help. What happens, though, when […]