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Moto Deal Won’t Keep Google Out of Court

Now that Google owns a handset maker, will the $ 12.5 billion deal end Motorola’s patent-infringement complaints against Apple? Not likely, says the Android creator.

“Those lawsuits will continue and will be managed by Motorola as they are now…” Google’s Legal Chief David C. Drummond told reporters. Although he wouldn’t say more about the lawsuits, the Google executive must receive comfort from owning nearly 25,000 patents. The new cache of intellectual  [Read More…]

HTC to Apple: Let’s Make a (Patent) Deal

Can we talk? That’s the message coming from executives at Android-handset maker to Apple. HTC’s finance chief wants to “sit down” with the Cupertino, Calif. tech giant flush from a patent win that could be costly for companies touting Google’s mobile operating system.


“We have to sit down and figure it out,” HTC CFO Winston Yung tells Bloomberg. Apple recently won a patent dispute against HTC when the ITC found  [Read More…]

Facebook And Google Looking At A Potential Deal With Skype

An interesting little tidbit coming out of Reuters just now, with reports that both Facebook and Google are contemplating deals with online communication firm, Skype.


Citing their own sources, Reuters believes Facebook is considering a buyout as well as a join-venture deal with Skype after the Luxembourg outfit delayed  [Read More…]