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Friday’s best deals and discount codes: FitBit Charge 2, NETGEAR Arlo security cameras, iRobot Roomba, and Philips Hue smart lights

Happy Veterans Day. Today we observe the men and women who have served our country. I personally want to say thank all of you soldiers for your services, as you fought for the freedoms we have today. To my Dad, thank you too. It was 47 years ago when you served and I am proud

Thursday’s deals and discount codes: Mechanical gaming keyboard, Bose earbuds, and the full-size Amazon Echo

Amazon is not letting Google off the hook when it comes to battling for the home. It is running a fantastic sale on the Echo Dots where you can get three for the price of a Google Home ($ 129). You can also get a certified refurbished full-sized Echo for just $ 120 and it comes with

Wednesday’s deals and discount codes: Buy three Amazon Echo Dots for the price of one Google Home (sale)

Finally, Election Day is over. No matter which side of the fence you’re on, let’s do our best to work together going forward while respecting each other’s differences and beliefs. The election couldn’t have been more divisive and now it is time to repair the bridges that have been torn down. Are you ready for

Stay on top of the best deals this Black Friday with the BlackFriday.fm Android app

November is the most exciting month of the year to shop for deals. Retails fight harder for your money than at anytime of the year and it’s when consumers take advantage of the ridiculous sales. The only downside to Black Friday month, is the overwhelming amount of advertisements you have to sort through just to

Tuesday’s deals and discount codes: Big sale on Spigen cases for the Samsung S7, S7 edge, LG V20 and Google Pixels

Today is Election Day 2016. I can’t wait until it is over so we can finally move on to new topics in the news. However, it’s just one more day so make sure you set aside some time today to get your votes in. If you need help finding the nearest voting location, go to the “Where do

Hot new deals and discount codes to start off the week

We’ve got a big week coming up with the Presidential election tomorrow. I’m just as tired of seeing all of it in the news and will be happy to have it end. However, it’s just one more day so make sure you set aside some time tomorrow to get your votes in. If you need

Friday’s best tech deals: App controlled light shoes, solar backpack, and unlocked Androids all on sale

Happy Friday! I’m sure this was a long week for many of you. You might have taken your kids candy hunting on Halloween, or you were partying yourself. Many of you stayed up late to watch the epic World Series between the Cubs and Indians, so I am sure Friday couldn’t come soon enough. There’s

Thursday’s best tech deals: Save big on the Samsung Tab S2

Happy Thursday! That was a heck of a game last night. Even though the Cleveland Indians lost, they played brilliantly and were worn down by the youth of the Cubs. Congrats to both clubs for playing a great series and game 7. It was entertaining for all of us. There’s a good chance the charger in

Wednesday’s best tech deals: Stave off the winter blues with the Philip’s full spectrum light

Happy Wednesday! I apologize for not getting out the deals listing yesterday as I had some bad salmon the night before. With daylight savings ending and winter on the horizon, we are destined for shorter day light. With the technology available from Philips and its Sunrise light on sale, you can wake up to light just

Amazon’s countdown to Black Friday sales are live. Here are some of the best deals

One of the biggest shopping days is fast approaching. Yes, it’s November (crazy how fast this year has gone!) and Black Friday and Cyber Monday are fast approaching. Amazon decided to jump the gun a little bit and offer some excellent deals during its Countdown to Black Friday sale going on now. The sale is