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Oppo Ace debuts with ridiculous charging speed

Oppo on Thursday announced its latest phone, the Reno Ace, a device that features some of the most high-end hardware you’ll find.

When it comes to specifications, the phone closely resembles the 7T, the newest device from its OnePlus sister brand. Included are the Snapdragon 855 Plus processor, a 6.5-inch 1080p display (20:9 aspect ratio) with water drop cutout and 90Hz refresh rate.

Also present is the ever-popular Sony 48-megapixel IMX586  [Read More…]

HP debuts two new convertible Chromebooks with USI 1.0 stylus support

The 14-inch Chromebook x360 14b has a 78% screen-to-body ratio.

What you need to know HP has launched two new convertible Chromebooks: x360 12b and x360 14b. They are HP’s first Chromebooks to have USI universal stylus support. Both the Chromebook x360 12b and x360 14b will go on sale in the U.S. later this month.

HP has launched its first Chromebooks to feature USI universal stylus support. The new Chromebook x360 12b and x360 14b have  [Read More…]

Redmi Note 8 Pro debuts in Europe for €249

The Redmi Note 8 Pro will be available in Spain for a special launch price of €229 on September 26.

What you need to know Xiaomi’s mid-range Redmi Note 8 Pro has been launched in Europe at a starting price of €249. Redmi Note 8 Pro will go on sale in Spain starting September 26 in two variants. The smartphone made its debut in China last month and is one of the first phones to feature a  [Read More…]

XIDU debuts its 12.5-inch Tour Pro

The XIDU Tour Pro, a flagship product of XIDU in 2019, features a 12.5-inch screen with 2560×1440 resolution and in-plane switching (IPS) monitor technology, and an 8th generation Intel processor. This laptop has taken the lead in combining the entertainment and office functions of computers together.

The lightweight device stands out for its exquisite image rendering, an ultra-thin 4.9mm border and 80% screen-to-body ratio. This further improves the users’ experience as it reduces the border distraction.

Besides, the 180º convertible  [Read More…]

Blu debuts new premium Bold brand of phones with 6.4-inch N1

Blu Products on Monday introduced not just a new phone, but an entirely new brand. Called Bold, it’s a “premium” line of devices which are expected to launch around 1-2 phones per year.

The Bold brand is different from the standard Blu line and promises a “guaranteed Android upgrade” and two years of security maintenance. Moreover, it figure to offer phones made with a higher grade of materials — at least that’s what its first model, the N1, uses in  [Read More…]

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 series debuts, led by killer cameras

Xiaomi on Thursday announced its newest series of phone, the Redmi Note 8, which is highlighted by its camera. Slated to hit China and India, it’s another high-powered experience with a budget-friendly price tag.

Offered as two models, the Redmi Note 8 and Redmi Note 8 Pro do not share many specifications and details. Among other things, they have different processors, cameras, colors.

Redmi Note 8 Pro

The Redmi Note 8  [Read More…]

Redmi K20 Pro finally debuts in Europe as the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro

The Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro is just a rebadged version of the Redmi K20 Pro that was announced in May this year.

What you need to know Xiaomi has formally launched the K20 Pro in Europe as the Mi 9T Pro. Aside from a different moniker, the Mi 9T Pro is identical to the Redmi K20 Pro sold in other markets. The smartphone starts at €399 ($ 442) in Europe.

Xiaomi’s latest flagship killer, the Redmi K20  [Read More…]

Casio debuts PRO TREK with heart rate monitor

Casio America this week introduced a new member of its PRO TREK line of wearables aimed at outdoor enthusiasts. The WSD-F21HR arrives in September with a $ 499 price point and marks the first in this line to offer a heart rate monitor.

The WSD-F21HR can help wears with pace management during activities such as running, cycling, and generally trekking. Moreover, it comes with an enhanced Activity App which provides running and trail running menus to measure data such as  [Read More…]

MediaTek debuts Helio G90 gaming-focused mobile CPU series

Not content with letting Qualcomm get all of the mobile processor press, MediaTek this week announced its latest gaming-centric CPU.

The MediaTek Helio G90 is a new series of “G” chipsets optimized for gaming on smartphones and includes several unique features for faster, uninterrupted data connections. Because lag sucks.

Available in two models at the start are the G90 and G90T, each of which has an upgraded octa-core CPU with speeds up to 2.05GHz. The former is the lower cost  [Read More…]

Motorola debuts $150 Moto E6 with removable battery, portrait mode

Motorola on Thursday introduced the sixth generation of its E series smartphone, offering up a $ 150 experience that’s going to be damn tough to beat. Indeed, the Moto E6 dials things up across a few fronts, yet keeps the price in line.

As is the case with all Motorola phones, the Moto E6 runs a clean version of Android (9 Pie) with just the right amount of added features. The phone is immediately available through Verizon and will be  [Read More…]